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Here’s a little update about how things have been going around here. (I wrote this late Monday evening but it isn’t getting finished until after midnight so the date is wrong with respects to when I say everything happened.)  A warning, this tale includes various bodily fluids.  It is not my goal for this blog to share about …

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Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a fun day!  We’ll be going to our church’s annual Fall Festival.  It’s going to be really great.  We carved our pumpkins on Saturday and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Of course, I couldn’t keep the little one from eating the pumpkin.  Oh well, she’s eaten a lot worse. To get …

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Little Ladybug

My poor kids rarely benefit from my non-stop toy making.  Two days ago Josiah suddenly asked if I would make him a ladybug.  I figured he was wanting some kind of sock animal and didn’t want to make one, especially since his birthday is nearing.  But after he also started asking for broccoli and other foods …

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Fall is in the Air

I saw two things out my window yesterday.  The first one was a bit shocking at first because when I saw it from afar I thought it was the beginning of a birds nest.  I couldn’t believe the birds had done so much, so fast, without me seeing them.  But as I focused on it I …

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The Big Reveal

I am sorry to keep you all awake at night wondering how The Lord of the Rings costumes came out.  So, to put you all at ease here is a picture of how we looked and some of the other costumes. If you missed my first post you can go here to see what we …

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Thrift Shop Fun

The four of us ventured into town today to run a couple errands.  First on the list was to stop by one of our local thrift stores that has the cheapest clothes that I have found in town.  I always go there when I am in the market for a costume.  Our college group has …

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