Fall is in the Air

I saw two things out my window yesterday.  The first one was a bit shocking at first because when I saw it from afar I thought it was the beginning of a birds nest.  I couldn’t believe the birds had done so much, so fast, without me seeing them.  But as I focused on it I realized it was a GIANT moth, probably about the size of my hand.  The picture doesn’t do it justice since there is nothing next to it for scale.  I kept telling Ken he needed to put his face in the picture but he wouldn’t play along.  I guess the moth (which I have seen before at our house in the past) was just trying to stay out of what is in the next picture.

Rain!  Glorious rain!  We haven’t seen this stuff in way too long.  And this wasn’t one of those 10 minute puny rains that we’ve gotten this summer but an actual downpour for hours rain.  Our yard is still damp and muddy from it.  We were woken up by the sound of it during the night and it was the happiest sound ever.  The day before I had the kids with me in Austin to get some fabric for Audrey’s halloween costume and it started to rain as we were getting out of the car.  Audrey stuck her tongue out to catch the mysterious stuff.  Poor girl has only seen it rain a few times in her life.

Oooh, did someone say halloween costume?!  Why yes I did.  I bought this cute little vintage dress off of etsy for a good price.  And then we took a ride to Joann fabric’s to buy some pretty red corduroy to make a hooded cape.  Any guesses as to what she’ll be?  I loved that I got a dress that can be worn again as a regular dress.  And I went a little crazy on the fabric buying so her cape is going to be much nicer than it needs to be and will probably be able to be passed down to her children.

I was all set to make a similar cape for Josiah to be Sherlock Holmes because the boy loves him and all things detective and mysterious.  But we went to Goodwill as soon as they started selling halloween costumes back at the end of September to see what cheap alternatives they had and we found a cool dragon costume.  It was marked $16 dollars but had orange highlighter marked over it so I asked what that meant and the guy said that it just meant that it was from last year and didn’t change the price but he would give it to me for $10.  So, I figured even if Josiah still ended up being Sherlock, he would have an awesome costume to dress up in.  So, while at Joann’s I went ahead and picked up some suiting material to make him a sherlock costume for either halloween or just for play.  He loves dressing up so it’ll get a lot of use.  And since his birthday is fast approaching I can give it to him then if I want.

Here are the tutorials I’ll be using to make the attire.  You can click on the pictures to see them.

Ok, so I want to hear.  What are your little ones going to be?  Are you going to dress up to?

2 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air”

    1. That will be soo cute! I had thought of making Josiah be the big bad wolf but didn’t want to force it on him since he had other ideas. Charlie as a little sheep will be awesome!

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