The Big Reveal

I am sorry to keep you all awake at night wondering how The Lord of the Rings costumes came out.  So, to put you all at ease here is a picture of how we looked and some of the other costumes.

If you missed my first post you can go here to see what we bought to put our costumes together to go to a Lord of the Rings trivia/costume party.

I was most pleased with how Josiah’s outfit came out.  His little pants were so easy and fit him great.  I also ended up using a cut off tab top from the curtain as a sword sheath which I safety pinned to the little pants.  The shirt we got him from the thrift store was actually a size 6 even though he is 3 but it still fit him pretty well.

We had enough leftover curtain from Ken’s cloak to make one for Josiah.  Both were SO easy to make.  I made Ken’s from the bottom of the curtain and just hemmed the edge where I cut it.  I then ran a ribbon through what had been the original bottom hem to tie around Ken’s neck…and DONE!  I also used a pin that was my mom’s from probably the 60’s or 70’s to act as the little elvish leaf brooch.  For Josiah’s cloak I was patting myself on the back because I used two of the tabs as the way to fasten the cloak on him.  All I did was sew a little velcro onto them and hem up the sides I cut and voila, another cloak!  To make it the right width for his shoulders I made it 3 tabs wide but just cut off the middle tab (and that is what became the sheath).  I’m sure that is all clear as mud.

For mine, I took the sleeves off of the hideous jacket and sewed them onto the dress since all the dresses in the movies have sleeves. Of course their sleeves are super long and so are the dresses, so my dress was more of an homage to the movie instead of trying to be literal.  I also took the 4 buttons off of the jacket and sewed them on the dress for a little flair.  The belt I wore really low to mimic a belt worn by one of the ladies in the movie, can’t remember which one right now.

The party was really fun and some of the students really got into dressing up. I was proud of them for not being too cool to go all out.

These guys blew me away because not only did they bring real swords but they made their own cloaks!  Yea for guys sewing!

Nothing like a happy family taking a picture in the background while a gruesome death is under way in the foreground!

There were others with equally awesome costumes but I had to steal most of these pictures off of facebook and so I don’t have photos of everyone.

The night was a lot of fun.  We had homemade gumbo with rice, french bread, and salad and then for dessert bread pudding.  It all seemed to go well with the theme and it was oh so delicious.  The Lord of the Rings trivial pursuit game is what we played and it is ridiculously hard.  I gave it to Ken years ago and we’ve only played it once I believe because we couldn’t get half the questions right.  I guess that is how trivial pursuit normally is though.

Poor Josiah didn’t get to bed that night until 11:30 but he did awesome and had a great time.  And of course he was up at 7:30 the next morning ready to go.  I wonder how old the kids will be when they start to sleep in?

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    1. Thanks Angie! The sewing I did wasn’t that great if you look at it up close but it only had to last a few hours. I didn’t want to spend forever making all the hems just perfect if you know what I mean. 🙂 And you should have seen us practically running through the store since having the two kids with us was making it a bit of a challenge.

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