About The Nesting Spot

Welcome friend! 

I’m Jocelyn, the one woman show behind The Nesting Spot.  I have always loved creating things with my hands.  The past 10 years I have turned that love into a little business where I design custom invitations, personalized ornaments, and more. I started out making sock and glove animals but had to step back from that after I had my third child.  It was just getting to be too much for me to do.

Prior to having kids I taught 2nd grade but now stay home to run my business.  I love anything chocolate, traveling, and watching good movies.  My husband is a youth pastor at a local church and so much of our time is spent with that as well.

Wow, time really flies…we moved to the heart of Scotland 4 years ago and are trying to take advantage of every opportunity we can while we are here.  There are more challenges to running a business from here but I am thankful that in the age we live in, I can still continue doing what I do.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  I appreciate you coming to my little part of the internet.