Little Ladybug

My poor kids rarely benefit from my non-stop toy making.  Two days ago Josiah suddenly asked if I would make him a ladybug.  I figured he was wanting some kind of sock animal and didn’t want to make one, especially since his birthday is nearing.  But after he also started asking for broccoli and other foods I realized he was thinking of when I have made him felt food in the past.  So, at 11:30 pm when I was closing up shop for the night I grabbed my stash of cheap felt and found some red fleece scraps left over from Audrey’s strawberry costume that I made her last year.  There was just enough to cut two small ovals.  I then cut a couple pieces from the black felt and hand sewed a little lady bug together.  I was even too lazy to get up and go in the next room to grab a bit of fluff so I cut up some more fleece and stuffed it inside.

It turned out to be a perfect size for him to hold in his hand and put in his pocket.  Plus the fleece is super soft.  He found it yesterday morning where I had left it out and he didn’t put it down all day.  He has even slept with it.  Who knew that a few minutes and some scraps could make a kid so happy.  You can see in the picture that it is already looking well loved.

And it helps me feel like a good mom to actually make something for my own child for once.

Coming soon is a post about my 10 year college reunion that we went to this past weekend and a shop update or two.  Plus it is time for some more great etsy finds.

Do any of you ever have about 20 things on your list that all need to be done right now?  I feel like that at the moment and it is of course impossible to get all of the things done at the same time.  It is hard to choose what should come first.

Oh, and one last thing, my son’s birthday is mid November and he has suddenly requested to have a snake themed party.  I am not sure how to make it fun and friendly for all ages.  Plus, there will probably be more girls than boys there.  But I guess at their age, most of the girls probably still like snakes.  I am thinking of making it more reptile/amphibiany.  It is all going to be pretty low key though as far as decorating etc. goes this year because we are doing it at one of those jumpy places.  I am all about less work at this time of year.

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