Baby Gift Idea: Baby Quilt

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Here’s another peak at a fabulous handmade gift given to one of my babies.  This time it is from my lovely mom.  She is oh so talented and decided to take on the challenge of making baby #3 a little quilt without knowing the gender.  The results are really great.

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She ended up making it a very personal theme by having the quilt represent our two etsy shops….The Nesting Spot and Starlit Gardens.  She did this using two of her favorite things batiks and applique.  The batiks represent the stars and then at the bottom corner is a little bird with a little nest.  You’ll notice the three eggs for the my three babies.

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My mom loves to play with lots of color and patterns.  She is so bold and it really works with this blanket.  I know this is a gift we will always treasure.

There are so many types of blankets and quilts in the world and thanks to the internet and craft blogs there are tons of tutorials to teach you exactly how to make them.  The next time you have someone close to you having a baby, consider making them a keepsake that is beautiful and useful.

2 thoughts on “Baby Gift Idea: Baby Quilt”

  1. This is a beautiful quilt and how special she made it! I love how she made it so meaningful to represent the mother/daughter relationship and your family. Making quilts looks like such hard work, but so unique and lovely. This is for sure on a “to do” checklist of mine. Oh, and welcome back! I’ve been missing your posts.

  2. Thanks, Angie. It is good to be back.

    I have been able to make some simple quilted type blankets that can have a bit of the same effect. At some point I would also like to try out a real quilt. I used to be too intimidated but I think I could do a simple one.

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