Thrifty Find: Baker’s Twine

I love baker’s twine!  Who’s with me?  It is so pretty and can be used for so many things.  Confession:  I’ve never actually owned any before because I’ve been waiting for the right moment to buy some.  I wanted to pick a color that would go well with my shop to use in the packaging of all my items.  Normally, it wouldn’t take YEARS to make this decision but this is no ordinary baker’s twine.  Oh no, it is 3,400 yards of it!!  No, you didn’t read that wrong…Three thousand four hundred yards!  Craziness.  It is sold at wholesale prices from Country Clean Paper Supplies.  Now, you may be thinking that this large amount must cost a fortune, but you’d be wrong.  It is only $9.95 (plus $8.20 shipping)!  For those of you who have never priced baker’s twine this may not sound that awesome, especially when the shipping almost doubles the price, but if you were to buy that many yards of twine from the people who sell it in smaller quantities it would cost you about $240!  Of course a benefit of buying it in smaller quantities is that you can get more colors and not have a giant spool of twine to store, but if you think you would use it for a lot of projects it is definitely a better deal!  There are 10 colors to choose from along with regular white twine as well.  I can’t wait to order mine and get it in the mail so I can hug my giant spool of twine.  It should last me for a very long time!  Here are a few of their colors.

bakers twine colors

Do you love baker’s twine? What projects do you use it for? Got a favorite color?

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Find: Baker’s Twine”

  1. That is a really, REALLY good deal! I bought quite a few rolls for Jaylea’s birthday party trying to match the right colors. Purchased at Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Tomkat, and on Etsy. Never found a deal this good!

    1. Wow, you went a lot of different places to get some twine! And of course all your hard work paid off with such a cute party for your little girl.

  2. Love the visual of you hugging a spool of twine. Good work — I always appreciate a great deal, even if it belongs to someone else!

    1. ha! well, you could join me in hugging a spool of your very own! You could wrap your new house in it. Which by the way, I was so sad with you when you wrote about the last time you stood on your stoop. I know if we ever sell I’ll feel the exact same way. This is the first house we’ve had as a couple and the only one the kids have ever known.

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