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Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying your December.  Things are still crazy around here.  Even though it is only the 10th it might as well be the 24th.  I am feeling a bit behind on gifts (since I’m busy making everyone else’s) even though I think we either have most of them or know what we’re going to do.  One thing that is helpful is that we signed up for 3 free months of Amazon Mom which gives free 2 day shipping like Amazon Prime.  Anyone can sign up for it…men included.  It’s just nice to know I can order things last minute and it still get here in time.

Here are some random pictures of the baby just for fun.  We thought it was funny that his shirt almost matched the sheet.  It remided me of a scene from the movie Garden State.

12 08 12_5874

12 08 12_5885

If you were wanting a personalized ornament, Wednesday the 12th will be my last day to take orders to make sure they all go out by Christmas.

Try to stay sane these last couple weeks and take time to enjoy the little moments!

4 thoughts on “Find the Baby”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry I’m late here! This post came during a very crazy time in my life and I’m really just now coming up for air. I’ve got a long way to go before I’m caught up on blog-reading (if ever). He’s super-cute. I forgot how fast babies grow in the first few months. The “matching” sheets and onesie cracked me up.

    Hope all’s well with your family, Jocelyn. Happy New Year!

    1. Don’t be sorry! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I’m sorry life has been so crazy for you. I can totally relate though. My kids have been sick pretty much since the baby was born. That with holidays has made life very full. Thankfully my daughter who has had an unexplained illness for most of these months is finally seeming to get better. Let’s hope it stays that way! One of these I’ll respond on some of your blogs. For some reason Google reader doesn’t tell me you’ve written something when you do it…it just suddenly dumps like 5 posts at once in my reader. So weird.

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