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Ok, so I love etsy as much as the next guy and since I spend a fair amount of time on it for my own shop I want to share some of the other fabulous people and wares I find along the way.

Up first is my new obsession with pincushions!  I don’t know where it started but I think they are just so lovely and they can be useful which is an added bonus.  Right now the arm of my couch is my pinchushion.  It works great except for when I forget to take some of the pins or needles out of it and the next day my little kids find them.  Oops.  So, it would be great for me to have a portable place for me to stash my pins while sewing.  And while I could go and buy a plain old utilitarian pincushion, why, when I could buy a handmade one that is so fun and beautiful.  They are like little pieces of art.  In fact, I think I may start a small collection.  But before you all go out and start buying me pincushions, I don’t want to be known as the pincushion lady and have 50 of them.  I certainly don’t have room for them anyway.  But maybe a couple…or a few would be cool!

Here are a few of my favorites.  They range in price from $5.75 to $25 .

Hedgehog Pincushion $12.50 from Strawberries and Cream

Brilliant Red Flowers $25.00 from Spincushions

Luscious Lemon Pincushion $14 (on sale) from Pinpinn

Pincushion $13 from Lynn B’s Country Cottage

Navy Blue, Red, and Yellow Bottlecap Pincushion $7.50 from Up the Creek

Red Rainbow Striped Felt Pincushion $5.75 from Overspill

Felted Cactus Pincushion $20 from Fabulous Felties

Embroidered Felt Summer Strawberry Pincushion $25 from Sea Pinks

Daisy and Mouse Pincushion $16.99 from Lifepieces

This last one, Lifepieces, is the only shop I have purchased from so far.  It is a great shop that usually only has a few items in it at a time because as soon as they are made they get snatched up.  I bought one similar to this mouse for a dear friend’s birthday as a custom order.  It was made quickly and beautifully.  I want a few of the cushions from her…look at the sold items and take a look at the little pig and elephant ones.  Melts my heart!

You can all thank me for giving you a new obsession as well!

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