I am alive

Please don’t fret.  I am still alive.  I have hated to be away for so long but I’d like to report that we had a fabulous time at our little beach get away.  I’ll talk more about it soon but the main reason I haven’t been on is the fact that our laptop’s power cord died due to being tripped on and yanked out by little hands one too many times.  There will be another one arriving this week though.  yea!  In the mean time I only have limited battery life left so I can’t waste it.  I just want to say that who packs for the beach and leaves all their swim suits at HOME?  I’ll just blame it on the fact that I was packing for 3 of us.  I also forgot Audrey’s hat.  You’d think buying those two items cheaply wouldn’t be too difficult on an island after labor day with some good sales…but alas no.  Ok, more on all that in a few days.

Hope you are all well!  I continue to work on more animals daily.  My poor fingers never get a break.  I hope to be unveiling a new creature very soon.  Fingers crossed that it works out.


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