Testing, Testing…is this thing on?!

Hi! I’m Jocelyn, the sole owner/creator/maker etc, etc of The Nesting Spot.    I am finally dipping my toes into the world of blogging.  (Please be patient with me as I figure out this new-to-me medium.)  I started my shop in the midst of my burst of energy in the 2nd trimester of being pregnant with my daughter and since it was filled with items to fulfill your nesting desires, it got the name it has.  Most of my free time is taken up with making sock animals for everyone else but occasionally I do actually  make something for my own kids!  So, I figured on this blog I could share those things along with behind the scenes stuff and new items from The Nesting Spot.  Oh, and I’ll share all the other great ideas out there on the web for making a cozy home for you and your kids that are cool, easy to do, and cheap!  I would love it if you would stick around.  I love lots of fun ideas of things to share.

Thanks so much!


6 thoughts on “Testing, Testing…is this thing on?!”

    1. Thanks Angie! This is a fountain up in Austin. We really love them too. I wish there was a free one in town. It was funny though because they kids were afraid to get wet so they just kept running around it and in between the fountains. We took them tubing for the first time today. They also didn’t love getting in the cold water but had a great time. Thanks for my first comment ever!

      1. There are so many in Austin, is this the one on top of the hill by Lady Bird Lake on Barton Springs Rd?
        Tubing is awesome! I’m glad you all went. We haven’t taken the girls this summer yet, we will have to leave baby behind. Jay and I have gone Kayaking though! Almost 10 mile trip from Suewell Park to Martindale, it was a blast.
        I’m also glad to be the first to comment. Now I’m off to work on my blog for a bit.

  1. Yes, that is the one we were at. We tried to go to the one at southpark meadows but it was shut off due to the drought. I know there are a lot in that town but have never been to any others. Kayaking would be fun. I am glad you guys got to do that. We have a canoe that we plan on using at some point.

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