Halloween Costumes 2012

Anyone who has been around my oldest boy for any length of time is aware of his deep love for Star Wars.  So, this year for Halloween he wanted to dress as a character from one of the movies.  He could not make up his mind of what he wanted to be…it ranged from Boba Fett to Obi Wan to the Sarlaac or other crazy creatures that I would have no idea how to make.  I kept putting off really trying to pin it down because I didn’t want him to get set on either a scary looking one like Darth Maul or one that would be too difficult for me to put together like General Grievous.  Thankfully, a woman from our church mentioned she had a Darth Vader mask we could use and when I told Josiah he got really excited.  So it made that decision super easy!

I haven’t made the kids coordinate their costumes in the past but for some reason decided to give it a go this year.  Here are last year’s costumes – Sherlock Holmes and Red Riding Hood.  One would think that Audrey would be Princess Leia being that she is a girl.  But oh no, that would be no fun.  The girl’s first crush is on Yoda.  It was one of her first words and she still yells his name whenever she sees a picture of him.  If we weren’t doing a theme then I think she would be a cat because she is crazy about them too.  But she’ll have the rest of her childhood to choose what she wants to be.

A while ago when I was searching for costume ideas I stumbled across a really cute R2D2 onesie.  I figured it would be very easy to recreate and could work for a boy or girl since we didn’t know what we were having.

I was able to keep the work and cost down by using items we already had and then finding a few tutorials online to help me make the parts I didn’t.

For Darth Vader:

helmet – borrowed

long sleeved black shirt – Walmart for about $4

black pants, socks, and shoes, red lightsaber – already owned

cape – I used this tutorial as a basic guide.  I didn’t buy the pattern.  It took one yard of some polyester type fabric.  It isn’t the true shape of a Vader cape but it’ll stay out of his way while he plays.

Josiah really wanted gloves but all the ones I’ve found are too big.

I forgot to photograph it, but we also happened to find a Darth Vader head bucket for putting candy in at Goodwill.  I think it was 99 cents.

For Yoda:

hat – I bought a half yard of green fleece but only used a portion of it.  I used this tutorial and pattern.  I made up the ears myself.  If I am able to scan the pattern I made for the ears I’ll share the pattern with you. (Update Oct. 2016:  I am visiting the US to see family and was able to find my original ear template in storage so I’ve scanned it and added very simple instructions on to them as well!! Sorry it took so long!)  Click here to get the pdf. Yoda Ear Template

robe – I used this tutorial.  I right clicked on the tutorial to save it as a picture so I could enlarge it and read it.  I didn’t do the french seams like she did.  I was going to use a thinner fabric but ended up just using fleece again.  Hopefully it’ll be cool so she doesn’t get too hot.  I ended up making a belt for the robe (which Yoda doesn’t have) but I didn’t want it staying open and falling off of her all the time.  You could also just make it with a button as well.

brown shirt and pants – borrowed from her brother’s old clothes

green lightsaber- already owned

shoe covers – I cut green fleece to look like 3 toes and made it just big enough to cover her shoes but not hang down past them so she wouldn’t trip.  I sewed elastic from side to side so that it goes under shoe to hold them on.  I know her shoes show from under them but it wasn’t meant to look exactly like Yoda’s feet, just give the impression of them, while allowing her to run and play.

For R2D2:

white cap – from Hobby Lobby

white long sleeved onesie – from Walmart (in a pack of 3)  I already have white short sleeved onesies that I was going to use but then figured it’ll probably get cold and I don’t want to have to cover his costume completely if I can avoid it so I got a long sleeved one instead.

I was inspired by this costume in the shop The Wishing Elephant.  I then looked at google images for what R2D2 actually looks like and I combined the two.  I was originally going to paint it all but then when I noticed that the onesie had felt on it I realized it would look even nicer and would be less messy.  I already had all the felt I needed and I glued it on with craft glue. Which later I forgot and washed it and all the felt pieces came off.  So, if you are going to glue it and want it to be permanent then use a fabric glue made for that.

I’ll leave you with an action shot!

And if you want more inspiration for your costumes check out this year’s Modern Kiddo Costume Parade.  There are a ton of awesome handmade costumes to get your creative juices flowing.

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