Checking In

Wow, how has it already been a month since I last wrote?!  Things continue to go well here.  The pregnancy has been great lately except for tiredness.  I am at 23 weeks now by the way.   I go to the doctor tomorrow and if I get any good pictures I’ll share them.  I get the challenge of taking both kids with me by myself.  Should be fun!  I know Josiah will be fine and I am going to take the stroller to contain Audrey for during the scans.  We tried to make the appointment for a better day but this was the only day it would work.  Oh well, I’m sure I’m not the first to do it.

Part of what causes me to not blog is actually making things.  I haven’t figured out a good balance yet of finding the time and energy to do both.  I have had a few different orders and finally after 5 months put some new animals in the shop as well.  All that is left of the new animals at the moment are some soctopuses.  I am currently working on some zebras and hope to get them in soon.  I have also worked on a few personal projects that have turned out well and once I get some pictures of them I’ll share them with you.

Today I’ll share a custom order I made a while back.  Remember that little peanut I was commissioned to make?  Well, one of my faithful blog readers and new blogging friend asked if I could make her a pickle!  One of her daughters has the nickname Pickle and she thought it’d be fun to give it to her as a birthday present.  We talked about what she was wanting and I thought about how I could make it all happen and this is what we got.  After considering three different ideas I had for making the pickle bumpy, I ended up making the bumps out of stuffed felt so that they’d blend with the names on the back.

Definitely not something you’ll find anywhere else!

So, anyone else got any cute food nicknames for their kids?

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