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Have You Seen the Mifold Booster Seat?

mifold booster seats

*Update down below on how we like them.

I have been keeping an eye on a new booster seat for the kids. It’s called the Mifold.  Instead of pushing the kids up so that the belts sit on them correctly this pulls the belts down to them.  It is still in preproduction and for pre-sale on Indiegogo.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought two for my big kids so that I could get the 20% discount.

I’m super excited that it takes up so much less space than a traditional booster seat since fitting 3 kids in the back of a car is a challenge.  We are currently car shopping and trying to figure out all these European cars over here.  There are some larger cars that easily fit 3 car seats across the back seat but some of those cars are huge and the roads around here are so narrow at times.  I really want a car I can park easily and zip around without fear.  Also, bigger cars are more expensive so having a smaller car could save some money.  We hope to travel a lot since we’re across the Atlantic now and having these will make taking the boosters along with us for rental cars and taxis much easier.  We can just fold them up and stick them in the suitcases.  Then we’ll only have one car seat to deal with.

I’m laughing at this post cause it sounds like I’m a commercial for them or that I’m affiliated in some way (which I’m totally not!).  I’ve never seen one in person so I can’t vouch for them.  But I’m hoping they work as well as they say which will be a great help to us in our situation.  The only downside so far is that they won’t be shipping until March so we still have a while to wait.  But since we’ve gone this long without a car and this long with borrowing booster and car seats we can hopefully hold out a bit longer. I’d been holding off on buying booster seats and a car seat until we got a car so I knew they could fit across but with these I’ll just focus on getting a car seat that isn’t too wide.  Oh, I just thought of one more downside and that is the kids will be lower and not able to see out the window as easily.  But they’ll grow and it’s probably safer that way anyway.

We didn’t bring any of our boosters or car seat with us since they have to be EU approved and none of the US ones are.  Well, probably the simple boosters would have worked but they were really wide.  We actually gave them all to Disney when we left (since we flew here straight from Disney World) and they were happy since they said sometimes someone needs a taxi and doesn’t have a seat.  We were glad they found some use since we thought they might otherwise get tossed in a dumpster which would be sad.

Anyway, I just thought I’d post about it in case anyone else is in a similar situation and would find it useful and hadn’t heard of them yet.  Crossing fingers it works as easily and as well as they say.  Here in the UK you have to keep you kids in a booster seat until they are 12 now so I’m sure the kids will appreciate a seat like this more as they get older as well.

This doesn’t apply to us but it mentions carpooling and I can see how having this tucked in your car for when you have an extra child every once in a while would be very helpful.  You wouldn’t have to lug around another seat all the time, taking up space in the back seat or trunk.  It’d be great for grandparents as well for that reason.

Update: March 6, 2017

We’ve been using 2 Mifold seats for about 7 months now?  I forget when we actually got them because we ended up having to wait about a year for them to arrive…which was a bit insane and way past the original date but I guess that is part of buying something from a crowdfunding place where production times can be unpredictable.  Anyway, we were really excited to finally get them.

The pros:

The are tiny and you can easily fit 3 in a row.

They would be nice as a back up for when having extra kids in your car occasionally because they’d be easy to stow away when not in use.

Because of the size they also travel great. We took them to the US with us when we visited family and friends last fall and it was great slipping them in our suitcase without adding a lot of bulk or weight to them.

The cons:

They are not as simple/fast to put on as advertised.

They are really difficult to take off at times.  The two arms on them that extend, lock so that they slide out farther without pressing a button BUT they don’t lock for sliding back in.  It looks like this was done for the convenience of putting them away without having to push a button but we feel it is a major design flaw because as the kids are sitting on seats with the belts on the belts end up pulling the arms all the way in.  Once the arms are pushed in it is really hard for the kids to get the belt out of the hook that is in the arm.  It would work so much better if the arm locked both directions so it would stay the width you need it to.  The button to release the arm is under the seat so it is difficult for the child to pull the button while sitting on it to release the arm again.  We have had many a time when our two kids (ages 6 and 9) were crying out of frustration or refusing to use the seats correctly because they were a pain to use.  We can buckle them and unbuckle them to help but it seems silly to have a seat that makes a 9 year old unable to use himself easily.  It is also difficult to reach the child in the middle over the other children to help them.


So, I actually just bought 2 cheap foam booster seats off of amazon the other day that don’t have arms (since that is what makes booster seats so wide usually) and the kids are much happier.  We will still keep our Mifold seats to use when travelling or if we have another child join us who needs one.  But for everyday use it just got too frustrating and I worried about their safety since they weren’t always buckling correctly to avoid getting stuck in them.

Favorite Products from Summer/Kiddopotamus

Okay, so every time lately that we eat out people stop and ask us about a certain item we are using. So, I thought I’d share it with you guys as well because we love it so much.

It is the Summer Infant Tiny Diner.  Summer is the brand.  It used to be Kiddopotamus and that is what it says on the tray but I guess Summer bought it or something.  (Which really confused Ken when he went to buy a swaddling blanket for Audrey because they happen to make my favorite swaddle blankets too. He saw that it said summer on it and thought it would be good for warm weather.  He didn’t notice that he had just bought a fleece one.)

We bought it years ago for Josiah and it is still going strong. When the kids are at the age to feed themselves but can’t use a plate because it’ll get tossed on the ground, having this mat to use at a restaraunt is awesome! Who wants to put the kids’ food on the table? Not me. Disposable ones like the ones at Chick-fil-a are sold but I don’t want to have to be throwing more plastic into the landfills or think about going to the store to stock up on more placemats.

My favorite things about this mat are:

  1. It cleans so easily.  Usually one of us will either just wipe it down with a wet wipe or napkin if it isn’t too bad or take it to the bathroom to rinse it off.  Then when we get home we give it a quick wash with some soap.
  2. It catches food in the nifty pocket.  Little hands drop things all the time and this saves at least a good portion of the food from falling onto the floor.
  3. It has suction cups under it to keep it down.
  4. It rolls up into itself so it stores pretty small.  In fact, we just keep it in the trunk of our car so that we never have to think to bring it with us.
  5. It is totally reusable so it saves you money and from from having to throw something else away.
  6. It has the “hey diddle, diddle” rhyme on it which Josiah would ask us to tell him.  It would keep him entertained for a short while as he would point to the pictures and try to tell us the rhyme.
  7. It is so awesome that total strangers will come up and talk to you and want to be your best friend.

The only downside is that I have never seen one in a store, although I haven’t been in a baby store in a long time.  So you have to buy it online. If anyone has seen one in a store, let me know in the comments please!

Ok, so Kiddopotamus (Summer) should totally hire me for their advertising team.  I just love their products.  They are so practical and reasonably priced.  It almost makes you think that someone who has kids actually designed the stuff.

Other products they make that I love are the:

Summer Infant Bibbity

We don’t actually have one of these but we use a very similar bib made by Baby Bjorn.  We have used the same bib for both kids and it is the only bib we have ever used since they started cereal and we love it.  I am sure this brand works just as well.  It also catches everything and washes so easily.

As I said before, the swaddle that worked best for both of my kids was the SwaddleMe Infant Wrap.  It is so easy with the velcro and if the baby needs a diaper change in the middle of the night you can take off the bottom while leaving the arms swaddled so that baby will stay pretty much asleep while you take care of business.  That is so helpful so that they don’t suddenly get wide awake at 2 am!  They do carry these at Babies R Us and some types at Walmart.  Target may have finally started selling them in stores as well, I can’t remember.  We usually just got the cotton ones so that baby wouldn’t get too hot.  We would also get a few of them since kids tend to have diaper leaks and spit up a lot when they are so little and you don’t want to have to wait for one to get out of the wash to tuck them in bed.  Also, since we used ours a ton the velcro does start to lose some of its strength after awhile, but if you have a few of them they’ll probably last you the length of time that you swaddle.

Babies look so funny when they are swaddled!

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