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Baby Names of 2014

Custom Baby's First Christmas Personalied Ornament from The Nesting Spot

The last couple years I have made a list of the baby names that were on the ornaments I made from the year before.  I think it is fun to take a look to see what names are trending.  As I’ve said before this is not very scientific since a few of the ornaments were actually for older children and were back dated and some names are most likely nick names.  But I just put all the names on the list.  I got to do a lot of sibling names this year from repeat customers which was a lot of fun.  I also felt like I was seeing more unusual names this year, but I’ll have to go back and read previous lists to compare.  Here are the lists from 2012 and 2013.

Jack was the most used name in 2012 with 8.  In 2013, there was a 4 way tie with Henry, Jack, Jackson, and Oliver with 4 each.  This year’s winner is Henry with 7 (plus 2 spelled Henri).  Jack was second with 5.  So it looks like Henry is taking over now.  It wasn’t that many years ago that I when I heard the name Henry it just sounded like a stuffy old man to me but now I’m used to it being a cute child name.  There are lots of names that when I was first seeing them on little ones surprised me since they were still grandma and grandpa names to me. But now they have become fresh again and I enjoy seeing them used on little ones.  Funny how that works.

Click on the link below to see this year’s list.

Baby Names of 2014

What are your favorites?  See any surprises?

Psst…You can still order personalized ornaments from my shop…it doesn’t have to be right before Christmas.  I’ve still been making them after the New Year.  See all the options here.

And So It Begins

insides of elephant ornaments

Well, it’s that time of year again.  No, not back to school or the winding down of summer, it’s time to be making Christmas ornaments.  If I don’t start making them at least by mid summer there’s no way I can make them all in time so that they are ready for the rush once October and November hit.  With more homework now that my oldest is a big first grader (WHAT?!)  and with the birthdays of my youngest turning 2 at the end of this month and my oldest turning 7 in November, and with making Halloween costumes ahead of time so they can be shared on line in time, and Thanksgiving, and tons of family coming over to stay with us over the next few months, well, I just have to pretend it isn’t 100 degrees outside right now and get into the Christmas spirit.

One thing in my favor is that I am finally not pregnant, nursing, or dealing with the sleep issues of a newborn so I have high hopes that everything will get done earlier than ever this year.  I’ve gotten in a good pace these last couple weeks so I just need to keep it up so I can enjoy myself during the holidays instead of being holed up sewing.

This year I am introducing some new animals to my collection.  They are a whale, bear, dove, and sheep.  Plus my ever popular elephant and rabbit will of course be available.  I still have some of my classic shaped ones, octopi, and moons available as well.  My hope is to get them made and photographed to be listed this month.  There are some very organized people in the world who already started contacting me about ornaments back in July.  Wish I could be that on top of things.

I hope you all had a relaxing summer.  I loved not having the structure that comes with school.  We could keep the kids up a bit later if we wanted to go do something fun and not worry about waking up the next morning to be somewhere.  There were also no lunches that had to be made ahead of time and I didn’t have to wake the little kids up from nap to pick up brother from school.   It is nice having the house a bit quieter now that there is one less child in the house during the day though.

We did a bit of traveling this summer.  My husband is a youth and college minister at a church and so summer is his busiest time.  He is usually gone a good bit of it with going to camp and multiple mission trips and retreats etc.  This year though the camp had extra space and so the kids and I tagged along and stayed in a separate motel like room.  It was a bit hard at times trying to keep them happy with us all in one room.  And I didn’t want them to change the experience for the youth but we got in a groove and had a fun time.  I also got to go on a trip to West Virginia with the high schoolers which is my first trip away from the kids since my oldest was 8 months old.  We drove through Mississippi so we could leave the kids with my parents and then kept on going to West Virginia.  It is such a beautiful place.  Everyone was so friendly.  It is always so interesting to travel to different places and see how people are so similar but also so different.  And to also see if stereotypes are close to reality.  We helped one church paint their old sanctuary (with super high ceilings) that has now become a youth room.  They had told the youth 7 years ago that they’d paint those old paneled walls but haven’t had the chance to do it, so it was nice refreshing that space for them.  We also helped a tiny church in an old coal camp do a little backyard bible club for some neighborhood kids.  It was all a lot of fun and hard work.   I’ve missed getting to go on these things.  The kids had a great time too and got to see all their grandparents at some point which was nice.

So, we survived all that and now are settling into our new schedule of being in school.  And it’s to the grindstone I go with all these little ornaments.  I also just sewed two stuffed animals as baby gifts that I’ll be sharing here soon.  I already gave one away and next week will give away the other.  I was on top of things and actually got photos taken of them this time before I give them away.

*The picture at the top is a look at the inside of my little elephant ornaments.  It’s a view not usually seen by most.


So, did you have any adventures this summer?  Are you glad to be back in the school routine or hating it?  Have you done anything creative lately?  I’d love to hear!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are Back Again!

I know it seems strange to be thinking of Christmas ornaments in July but I have to work on them very early to be able to make enough ahead of time to not lose my sanity, fingers, and marriage in November and December.  Just kidding on the marriage part of course, although I know my husband appreciates me working ahead on these things.

Last year the ornaments did better than ever and I want to make sure they continue that track this year as well.

I am going to continue doing my classic bunny ornaments.  The elephants will reappear as well but with actual ears this time (you can see them in the pictures above.  They will also have eyes but I was just testing the ears out)!  Here are some others I’ve been working on.  These are just my first drafts that I made a few weeks ago.  As some of you may have noticed my blogging has left something to be desired this summer so I am just now getting to show them.  I was wanting to post them long ago to get your feedback.  I have started making some but still welcome your thoughts.  The octopus and moon would have a face on one side and then the personalization on the other.  Got any other must have ideas for ornaments?  I am excited about my elephant ears although not looking forward to cutting about 500 of them out!  I will probably have some of them available in multiple colors.  The green one is supposed to be just a classic ornament shape which would make it easier to be used for all kinds of personalization uses.  I still need to tweak the shape though.

I was hoping to start getting them listed by the end of July but it may be more the middle of August.  We’ll see if I can get myself moving a little faster.

This summer has been such a whirlwind.  We went on an epic journey to North Texas, Louisiana, Florida and then Mississippi to visit family and for Ken to go to a conference.  It was a great trip but a lot to put 3 little kids through.  We were so proud of them though and it was the best they have done on a long trip yet.  After that I can’t even remember the timeline anymore but we had family visit us, Ken was gone to youth camp, we hosted some guys from Scotland, had a week of Vacation Bible School, and much more.  So far most of July has been much calmer!  William decided to finally start crawling on July 4th.  He’d been SO CLOSE for two months before but chose Independence Day to finally gain his own independence.  And that boy is now everywhere.  He’s also used his face to catch his fall a few times so the poor baby has had some nice scabs on his nose, bruises on this forehead, and a fat and bloody lip from his bottom teeth biting his top lip.  Thanks for your patience with my absence.  I have also been super busy working on my shop and adding more to it.  Please feel free to have a look.  I plan to give a discount code very soon on my facebook page so if you want it, go ahead and like my page!  If you don’t want to wait for a code I also just added bulk discounts in my shop.  You get a small discount for buying 2 prints, a bit more for buying 3 prints, and even more for buying 4!  And if I haven’t mentioned before all of the prints are available in two sizes 5 x 7 and 8 x 10.

How has your summer been so far?!  I hope it has been full of adventures as well as rest.  Go anywhere exciting?

Baby Names of 2012…Well Mostly

02 14 13_6834

This is a post I wanted to have out right after the new year but kept getting delayed.  But better late than never!  I thought it was fun seeing all the names I was given to make ornaments with.  It seems to be an interesting indicator of what names were popular for babies of 2012.  Now, this is totally not scientific for many reasons one of which is because some of these names were actually for babies born previous years.  Most of them are new baby ones though.  Also, some of the names I’m sure are shortened versions of their formal name like Will instead of William, but I just typed what they wrote, which is also why some of them have a middle name included.  And you’ll notice that some names are the same except one letter off…that isn’t a mistake, there were lots of close variations.  There were also some names from foreign countries which is why some might seem more unusual – although some of the most unusual are from the US.

Seeing this list made me very glad we have a cat named Jack which prevented me from naming William that.  As much as I love that name, I wouldn’t want him to be in a class with 5 others!  Of course, William is also a popular name but apparently with people who buy personalized ornaments Jack was the top!

So, without further ado, here’s the list.  I didn’t want to make this post a mile long with names so click on the pictures to see the names larger.   Do you see any that surprise you with their popularity?  Do you see any new favorites?

Speaking of baby names, here is a FABULOUS site for anyone looking to name their baby or who just likes talking baby names.  It is www.swistlebabynames.blogspot.com.  It is a great way to get unbiased help when having trouble finding the perfect name.  And now even though we already have our baby name I still go back and read it all the time.  I love seeing what others are thinking about for names.  And it is great to see that we weren’t the only ones struggling.

page 1 of names

page 2 of names