Update on the Doll High Chair

Well, this is a bit embarrassing but I never gave an update to the doll high chair I bought back in December of 2011!  I’ve actually taken pictures of it twice since then to show you what I did but didn’t like the photos.

So, here is the before.

11 29 11_1727

And here is the after.

doll high chair

I was so torn with all the great color options out there and many of you gave beautiful suggestions on here and Facebook.  But in the end I went with red because I felt it was a classic color that would go with the period of the piece.  I also like that it isn’t too girly.

red high chair

lamb in doll chair

Of course it’s been so long now I can’t remember how much paint it took – either one or two cans.  I spray painted it slowly with lots of thin coats.  I also sanded it the best I could by hand before hand.  But boy was that a pain with all those little knobs. There seemed to be a little lacquer or sealer on part of it in the crevices which was really hard to get off so I just painted over it after having roughed it up and it covered it pretty well.

doll high chair

My daughter is finally at the age where she is enjoying playing with dolls and being mommy.  Last night she couldn’t go to sleep because she had taken a nap.  We could hear her awake until almost 10:30 and in the morning we discovered that she had been dressing all her stuffed animals, including the lamb in these pictures, with her doll clothes.  This is why we don’t let her nap anymore!

By the way, the little kitchen is what Santa brought Audrey last year.  We love it!  It looks so nice and is a great size.  We saw other kitchens that were really cute but when we saw the dimensions they were really short and didn’t seem like they’d would grow with a child.  We did have to put it in baby brother’s room because that was the only place it would fit, but he loves opening up all the doors and pulling out the play food.  I also love that it isn’t gender specific and doesn’t even scream kid so it’s easy on the eyes.

double photo

7 thoughts on “Update on the Doll High Chair”

  1. Thanks Angie! I do like it a lot. I am terrible at making decisions and often have “what ifs” when I’m done. The chair would look nice in so many colors but I finally had to break down and pick one. You are right though, it does look good with girl or boy things which helps since my kids share a room.

  2. There is not much that a lick of paint and some elbow grease won’t fix. Beautiful finished product! I’m sure the kids will get some miles out of it, and it sure does look pretty, for a toy that’s always out — a bonus. I soooo need to hire you for some of these projects in my own home.

    1. Yes, it being pretty is a huge bonus because it is always out. We hide our ugly plastic toys in the closet! 🙂 And it’s too bad we don’t live closer or I could help you with those projects. Which by the way your new classroom looks amazing!!! That would definitely motivate me to do school at home.

      1. We would probably do much together. I think of you every time I work on my keyhole garden — which is coming together finally! I’d love it if we could meet up again this summer.

        1. That would be great if it works out for us to meet up again! So glad your keyhole garden is coming together. I think of you every time I see the empty spot in our yard for a vegetable garden.

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