You Betsy: Time to Look at Clocks

I mentioned before that I wanted to show you a clock I bought for one of the kids’ rooms.  I still haven’t decided where it will find a home.  It actually isn’t from etsy but I am going to show you one of my favorite clock shops on etsy in a moment.  I found this first sweet clock on Design Mom when she was doing a giveaway from the online store My Sweet Muffin.  Along with the giveaway the store was giving 20% off any purchase.  I typically don’t run and buy things just because they are a little on sale but I took a look at the store anyway.  I thought this little “cuckoo” clock was just so cute.  It is normally $41 and with the sale it was $32.80.  This put it much more in a range I was interested in.  It is also made in the USA which is always nice.  The clock is actually a lot more red than the picture looks, which is good because it makes it less girly.  I have always had a love of real cuckoo clocks.  This one will be nice though because it won’t be waking my kids every hour with a sweet chirp and it’ll give us a little feeling of being over in Europe.

Now there is an etsy clock shop that I have been in love with ever since I first saw it.  Some of the prices are a little bit of a splurge for me for a clock but I imagine this would be one you would keep for a very long time!  The shop, which also sells other cool stuff too, is called Decoylab.  There are clocks that are great for kids and for adults.  I am sure at some point I will take the plunge and buy one for the other kid room that isn’t getting the cuckoo clock.  If I had a room of my own for sewing etc I would totally get one for me.  One day!  I want to choose something that won’t become too babyish too soon and one that has numbers on it so when the kids are learning to read a clock (and when I need to see the time during a late night feed or something) that it is easy to read.  Right now Decoylab is having a 20% off sale for anything in the shop.  It goes through the end of July.  You just have to type the code RICRAC12 when you check out.

Here are a few favorites.  And as always you can click on any of the photos to take you to the source.

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