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I wanted to give Audrey a doll high chair for Christmas this year.  I really liked the idea of giving her a vintage one since they have more character and a history.  There is a sale every month in Austin called the Austin City Wide Garage Sale.  After taking a look on ebay and etsy and not finding what I was looking for I decided to try the sale with the thought that with all the vendors in one place it’d be easier than going from antique store to antique store.  The show isn’t really a garage sale.  Most of the stuff is nicer and costs more.  I walked the entire floor looking for a high chair and got to the end thinking there weren’t any.  I turned a corner and luckily my eyes fell upon a little chair that was a bit hidden.  It was just what I was looking for as far as size and character.  I wish the tray were a bit more like a real tray so that Audrey can put more food on it  for her baby but that’s ok. We might even end up making a new one.  Who knows.  But what we do know is that we’ll sand it down and paint it a bright, happy color.

So, here is where you come in.  Any advice on what color?  Maybe a bright kelly green?  Or a candy apple red?  Or shiny black?  Or something else?

What color would you paint it?

4 thoughts on “Doll High Chair”

  1. Beautiful! I like the idea of shiny red…but know any color you choose it will look amazing! My girls all love baby dolls, so happy this little one does too! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. I would do the color like a Tiffany’s box. It might be like the Robin’s Egg Blue mentioned already but I love it! Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  3. If you have time, I would spray paint it with at least 3 coats of a flat bright white. Then I would hand paint the different sections on the legs and back in a repeating pattern of 3 different muted shades of a color family (i.e. blue, green, turquoise or pink, purple, mauve) leaving the “rings” between them white. Leave the tray, seat, etc white. Then finish off with several coats of spray high-gloss clear sealer/protectant. If you have less time, an antiqued finish would be classy and timeless. White, red, or blue over an undercoat of white for colors or gray for white, and then distress with sand paper and seal. But knowing kids, she will love a solid color just as well (I think the adults like the fancy stuff more than the kids).

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