Money Really Does Grow On Trees

Recently Ken took some of the students from church on a backpacking trip on the Appalacian Trail for Spring Break. Since he was driving east, the kids and I came along and stopped off at my parents’ house for the week. Ken’s trip went well but was very wet and cold. And as much as I like roughing it and being outdoors, I wasn’t sad about missing being absolutely freezing. Being with my parents was awesome because I had so much help with the kids and got to enjoy my mom’s wonderful cooking.

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My parents’ yard is filled with pine cones so I suggested to my son that he approach his papa about a business proposition. He offered to pick up the pine cones for a penny each. So to one little boy this bag is as good as gold.

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It really is a win win for everyone since my parents hate picking up the unending pine cones and Josiah gets exercise and payment for his hard work. And of course little sister wanted to help too…and she didn’t even get paid.

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The end total when all the cones were added up? 215 cents! Well, he got paid with a bill and coins…not all pennies. The poor kid thought he was now able to afford the expensive lego kit he’s been saving for. Unfortunately, he’d have to pick up about 5,800 more pine cones for that!

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