Thrifty Find: Vintage Baby Sweater

As I write I am enjoying the wonderful cool weather with our windows open.  We’ve had some rain the last couple days and it has been glorious.  It’d been a month since we’ve had rain and my poor plants have been getting really stressed with my inability to get out and water much coupled with lots of 100 degree weather.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of cooler weather for the fall.  I am sure it’ll go back up some but I’ll take what I can get.

I mentioned eariler in the summer that I bought a little baby girl vintage sweater at a thrift store.  It was only $1.25 so how could I not?!  If it doesn’t go to my own baby then it’ll be fun to see who has a little girl born at the right time of year to wear it so I can give it to them.  I finally took a picture of it while I was photographing the fox and my gauze swaddle blankets (which I’ll show next time).  It’s just the sweetest little thing.

I also finished my boy quilted blanket last night.  It feels SO GREAT to have gotten it finished before baby comes.  I can fizzle out sometimes on projects that are more involved and if I hadn’t gotten it done before baby showed up I don’t know when I would have gotten back to it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get some photos of it.  It’s definitely not perfect but I am happy with it.  I kind of think of it as my mullet blanket because it is both serious looking and has a bit of fun as well.  You’ll see soon enough.  And for those of you wondering, we do not know the gender of the baby.  I had planned on making one, gender neutral baby blanket but never could find fabric I liked so I ended up making one girl and one boy blanket.  Here’s the girl one.

This is the kids’ third night to sleep in their new room in their new beds.  So far so good.  Audrey gets out for the first few minutes and finds things in the room to play with and bang around but after I take her back to bed a couple times she stays in it and just talks and eventually falls asleep.  The first night when I went in the room to check on them before we went to bed I noticed that she had colored all over the wall beside the bed!  How she found crayons and decided to color on the wall in the dark is beyond me.  She has only colored on a wall one other time and that was a while ago.  Thank goodness for Mr. Clean magic erasers to help get it all off pretty easily.  Guess we’ll be keeping the crayons out of the room.  I had forgotten they were even in there since we normally have them in our living room in a drawer.  Ah, kids.  I thought maybe Josiah would finally stretch out a little now that he is in a bigger bed but he ends up scooting down toward the foot of the bed and sleeps still all curled up.

I hope you are all getting to enjoy some nice weather where you are as well.

Happy weekend to you all!



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