Diaper and Wipes Clutch DIY

Remember when I told you about this “poopy clutch”?  In case you’re wondering what it is, it is a little clutch to hold a couple diapers and wipes so they all stay together in your bag or purse.  I made one a while back but ended up giving it away as a baby gift with a set of burp cloths and a soctopus I made.  So, it was time for me to make another one just for me.

Once I bought the supplies, putting it together was super easy.  I printed out the free pattern, traced it on the back of my vinyl with pencil, cut little holes where I wanted the button stud to go using my seam ripper, screwed the button stud through the 3 layers, and then cut a little slit in the top where I wanted it to slip over the button.  That’s about it if you want to leave it as is. I decided to spruce mine up a bit since the vinyl I got from the remnant bin is a kind of boring tan color.

The first one I made I painted a turquoise feather on the front flap and also on the back.  The second one I sewed on a leather feather to the back.  I also sewed a top stitch around all the edges to give it more interest.

Here’s the original clutch.  You can click on the picture to get to the pattern.

I had hoped to find a button stud locally but none of the stores had any.  I looked online but all the places I saw at first had each stud valued at around a dollar or more each with shipping being a few dollars.  That seemed a bit crazy to me.  Thankfully I did find a guy on etsy where I could buy a 10 pack of the studs and also the leather I used for the feather for much cheaper.  Plus, since I bought both together it made the shipping cheaper.  The studs were $5 with $4 shipping so that made each stud less than a dollar…much better than around 4 or 5 dollars for just one.  So, even though I didn’t need 10 at the time they are easy to use and I’m sure I’ll be making more things with them.

Oh, and if you wondering, sewing through the vinyl and the leather were both wonderfully easy.  My sewing machine originally came with a few different types of needles and so I used the most heavy duty one of the bunch and it sewed through it all like it was butter.

One last modification I made was that I glued the bottom flap to the two side flaps using E6000 glue (that stuff glues anything!) because it does shift around a lot. I think in doing that I also made it so that it’ll hold a little less but that is ok because I don’t want something too bulky.  Besides, little baby diapers are super tiny and cute anyway.

Here’s my version.

4 thoughts on “Diaper and Wipes Clutch DIY”

    1. They are so quick to make (especially if you are keeping it simple) and definitely cheaper the more you make. I think the vinyl remnant I bought was somewhere between a 1/2 yard and a full yard (can’t remember) and I can easily make 3 clutches from it. They definitely make diapers and wipes a lot cuter! And the people you give it to will ooh and ahh thinking you worked so hard to make it!

  1. Do you know where I always carried an extra diaper/wipes? Tucked into the back of jeans, just under my shirt. Out of the way and ready when I needed it for the baby-standing-on-table quick diaper change. I didn’t start carrying a purse until just a couple of years ago…

    1. That is really funny that you walked around with wipes and a diaper in your pants. It seems like that would bug me. I am also not a purse person. I got myself a man’s wallet in college so it would be thin enough just to carry in my pocket so I didn’t have to use a purse. I do carry one now but it is pretty empty and I still use the same wallet.

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