You Betsy! – Camera and Guitar Straps

So, it has taken me WAY longer to do another one of these than I had hoped but watcha gonna do?  Today I’m oohing and aahing over three shops on Etsy that make beautiful and well made straps for cameras and guitars.  You can click on the pictures to go straight to the product.

This first shop, Moxie and Oliver, makes me wish I was an awesome guitar player (or a player at all) so I could spoil myself with one of her gorgeous guitar straps.  Or better yet, how about making use of a mandolin strap!  Too bad there aren’t such things as flute straps.  Sometimes I visit the shop just so I can swoon over Caitlin’s wonderful handmade leather items that have each been tooled and painted by hand.  She makes a lot of other items too like purses, watches, and belts to name a few.  Her items are made to last a lifetime and are so unique.

The second shop, Couch , has a much more modern and sleek look.  This shop makes their guitar and camera straps from vintage, dead stock and recycled materials.  They use car upholstery vinyl and seat belts to create beautiful, well made straps for lots of rock stars.  I bought one of their racer camera straps for a friend and was very pleased with its quality.   They don’t use leather so their products are vegan and cruelty free.  They also make wallets, belts, and kindle cases.

The third shop, !Mo, makes me wish I didn’t share my camera with my husband so I could put this awesome happy strap on it.  They are exclusively a camera strap shop and make varieties that should appeal to most any type of person.  They say their products are personality + functionality.  And even though they are in Hong Kong the shipping is still really low!  I also like that a lot of the straps have a quick release function for those times that it is easier to not have a strap hanging from the camera.

So, now that you’ve seen a bit from these three awesome makers go take a closer look at their shops.  For those of you (like me) who are still using the strap that your camera came with which is just a commercial for Nikon,  Cannon, etc, consider one of these beauties.  And, for those of you who are actually gifted in the art of playing guitar (or know someone who is) don’t leave your guitar naked any longer.  It would be a crime.

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