The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Invitation

We recently received the sweetest invitation to a little girl’s first birthday party.  It is so fun I just had to share.

The invitation definitely sets the tone for a great theme and a great time!  We can’t wait to go!  Audrey loves it and has carried it all over the place.  In fact, after we took pictures of it all she walked all over our yard with the leaf and caterpillar plus a few star wars men.  After a few minutes and having been everwhere I realized she no longer had the leaf in her hand.  We then had to retrace our steps about 2 times around the whole yard to find that leaf so we would know all the info for the party.  It ended up being on the driveway behind the van by the way.

Obviously, since the jar is glass and doesn’t fit into an envelope it is easier to use if you are able to hand deliver it.  I have also been very cautious with her carrying that glass jar around.  Oh, and on the other side of the leaf is all the info for the party.  So cute.  In case you can’t tell, the caterpillar is made from a bunch of soft pom poms all glued together.

The invite was created by my friend Angie.  She is so creative and crafty.  She said she got the idea from Pottery Barn Kids.  You can also take a look at her pinterest board for more awesome ideas for the party if you have a pinterest account.

On a side note:  Audrey’s hair is half wet in the second to last picture because she was having a good time in the bathroom alone and pumped liquid hand soap all over her hair.  Of course, the only way to get it out was to give her a quick bath.  I don’t remember why all her hair isn’t wet though..maybe by the time we got outside the front had started to dry since it is so thin.  My brain is mush.

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