Port Aransas, Texas

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to take a little break and go to the beach.  We found a 3 bedroom condo through vrbo.com.  The last time we went we made the best of what we had but the weather was pretty miserable.  This was the only time I have prayed that it wouldn’t rain this summer.  Thankfully, God pulled through this time and the weather was perfect.  It actually rained the night before we left apparently because our towels on the balcony got soaked but since we only really had time to pack up and go that morning it didn’t matter. 

The first night we got there we took a little walk down to the beach to check it out.  My mom said we weren’t going to get in but I had a feeling that if the kids saw the ocean
there wouldn’t be any keeping them out of it.  Audrey pretty much just ran right in.
And of course she wasn’t dressed for it, so her shorts came off since they would just slow her down, and then her diaper continued to get lower and lower and lower.  You can see the progression in the pictures.  Josiah started his job of digging and continued it for the rest of the trip.

The sun was setting so it was time to head back.

Nothing like playing in the sand and sun to wear a kid out.  Getting the kids to sleep was a breeze.

Audrey helped us get our tools to the beach. First, she carried two of them over to the stairs and tossed them down and then ran back and got the third one and did the same.  It’s a lot easier than carrying them down!

One of the days there were a ton of fish for some reason and you could see them everywhere.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of them surfing in the waves.  I was glad there wasn’t a huge shark feeding frenzy.

If you’re wondering if I was there, here is proof.

There was lots of digging that happened in the sand.  Sand castles, large holes, etc. were all made.

Audrey is also known as “The Destroyer” in our house and she was at the beach as well.  Don’t get too attached to any sand castle or volcano you make with her around because she’ll either kick it, hit it, or lay on it.

The timing of the trip was perfect since we went after Labor Day.  We were the only ones in our condo building so we had no noisy neighbors.  We also had the beach to ourselves for the most part too.

My parents came with us and it was really great.  We’ve never done a vacation with family before.  I loved that they got to see the shear excitement in my kids’ faces as they enjoyed the ocean and sand.

The last morning it was still wet and overcast from having rained the night before.  We packed up and then let the kids play on the little playground at our condo.  It allowed the kids to burn some energy and waste some time so that we would leave right before lunch.  That way we could eat on the road and then the kids would nap most of the way home in the car.

As you can see, both kids are still loving to swing.

We had a great trip.  I can’t wait for the next one.

I could share so much more but I won’t bore you any longer.  Oh, but as I did mention last week, I did manage to get down there without packing any bathing suits for myself.  I went into every souvenier shop on the island trying to find the mysterious bathing suit that cost less than $80 and covered some skin.  I finally found something.  Who knew it’d be so hard.  I figured they would have more sales since it was off season but even their sales were crazy expensive.

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