Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a fun day!  We’ll be going to our church’s annual Fall Festival.  It’s going to be really great.  We carved our pumpkins on Saturday and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Of course, I couldn’t keep the little one from eating the pumpkin.  Oh well, she’s eaten a lot worse.

To get in the Halloween mood take a look at some pretty sweet costumes over at one of my favorite sites, Modern Kiddo!  I was honored to have mine included in their annual costume parade!   I am always amazed by people’s creativity.

Here is a sneak peak of my 5 ft. creatures that will make their debut this week.  I am pretty excited about them.  

The other day we were pushing the kids on swings at the park and a bunch of college students ran by on brooms on their way to practice quidditch.  That is certainly something you don’t see every day.  Apparently, the college here has its own quidditch team.  Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

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