Last night we were about to go to bed around 12:30 when we heard a small noise coming from our garage which was closed.  Both of our cats were sitting near us so we had no idea what it was.  Ken went in and poked around and I heard him say, “woah, there is something definitely in here! It is either an opossum or a giant rat!”  Luckily it was an opossum because a giant rat would be awful.  Although, ever since I was a kid I have thought opossums remind me of the rodents of unusual size from the movie The Princess Bride.  I think this one was a baby or maybe a teenager because it wasn’t that big.  Poor little guy.  He was so cute and also scared.  Although, looking at the picture he looks a bit mangy.  I am surprised the cats didn’t go after him.  It took us about half an hour to get it out since we didn’t want to pick it up because of the threat of rabies.  Ken finally trapped it in a plastic bin and then took it outside and let it go free.  That means that we didn’t get to bed until 1 am!  It seems there is always something happening to keep life exciting…and I may need to watch that movie again soon.

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