Monkey Business

Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been a mixture of enjoying time off, being unmotivated to write anything, not having much to write about, and now getting a bunch of orders which are keeping me busy.   It felt really good to take most of January off.  But it also feels good to start sewing again.  It’s funny, last year I had big plans for the blog for January in the way of making some sewing tutorials since I knew I wouldn’t be making a lot for the shop, but once the time came I just couldn’t get up the energy to make or take pictures of anything.

On one of my recent projects, I was asked to make a train conductor sock monkey.  I had never done one before and was actually surprised to see how almost non-existent they are online. Thankfully, the customer wanted just a hat and scarf (instead of overalls too) which helped to keep the cost down. I hadn’t made a monkey in a long time.  It was a fun challenge to make his little hat too. I found this tutorial online to help me picture how to sew it and then I adapted it to fit a monkey.

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