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Happy Birthday to Me! My First Giveaway! [CLOSED]

This giveaway is now closed.


Well, this Sunday, the 29th is my 33rd birthday!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

In honor of the big day I am going to spread the love a bit by hosting my first giveaway!  One lucky person is going to win one of my sock animals.

My Design Your Own Sock Unicorn (or horse).

The body is white but the rest is up to you.  I can even leave off the horn and make it a horse.  You choose!  Click on the link above to see a listing for it in my shop.  Go ahead and look around the rest of the shop too if you haven’t been by lately.

Contest Rules:

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment down below.  You will be required to give your email address but that information is never shared.

For additional entries  1. subsribe to my blog or on your reader or 2. share the giveaway on facebook  (leave a separate comment for each one).

That means you can have a total of 3 entries.  Good luck!

The contest goes from Thursday, January 26 to Thursday February 2.

This one will be for US residents only.  Sorry.

The winner will be picked from random.org. and announced on Friday, the 3rd.

Forget Me Not Gift Idea

Back in the beginning of December I had a really sweet customer named Megan buy two of my animals, an owl and a rabbit.  She also bought the additional feature of an embroidered name for each of them.  Once she received them she told me what her plans were for them.

She said, “I can’t wait to give them to my mommy-to-be sister. I wrote a little story about the owl and the bunny and framed it for her. The owl is me and the bunny is my soon-to-be niece or nephew. They live 800 miles away and I hope these little guys will be a constant reminder that someone in Texas loves them!”

I thought this was the most clever idea!  Not only was she purchasing one of a kind animals for her new niece or nephew but she personalized them with a story she wrote to go along with them.  Now when the little baby sees the toys and hears the story he/she can think about his/her aunt.  This will be a gift that will be cherished forever.

This idea can be recreated in so many ways and for so many different occasions.  I happen to be partial to the little animals that I make, so if you ever want to try this for yourself come on over to The Nesting Spot!

The Bird is the Word

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Things are just starting to get back to normal here.  We enjoyed some family time together since Ken was gone for the last two weeks on a trip with the youth from our church.  It is so good to have him back.  I was pretty much in survival mode with taking care of the kids, working on getting my orders made, and having to grieve for my one of my best friends all happening at the same time.  Thankfully though I was able to spend some of that time at my parents’ house.

One of the orders I had was to make a pink flamingo.  I was on the search for some plain pink socks, which are surprisingly hard to find.  After showing the customer the options, we decided to make it a polka-dotted bird with plain pink legs to break things up a bit.

I wasn’t sure how the neck would work since it is so long but it is pretty stiff and holds up well.  I tried the legs with stuffing in them first but liked the floppier look better.

After the flamingo I made two totally fun unicorns for one of my blogging heroes.  She was pregnant the same time as me when I first found her and I always look forward to her posts to get a good laugh.  I watch in awe as she raises two darling little twin girls and works full time at home as a graphic designer.

I also just found some fun neon green and neon pink socks to make some happy octopi.  Also some gray socks with neon hearts on them.  They are all so 80’s looking and should turn out pretty cool.

Before I go,  my three year old taught me something new this evening.  He said, “Mommy, no in Spanish is ‘no way Jose’.”  I asked him who told him that and he said his cousin…he doesn’t have any cousins.

The Mighty Yak

Most of the time I just make animals based on what I feel like making, what sells well, or what a certain pair of socks inspires me to make.  But occasionaly I get custom orders to make something I’ve never made before.  These requests have included a badger, lizard, rocket, owl, and a penguin.  (I’ve also had people inquire about slugs and llamas but nothing ever came of it.)  Now I can add a yak to that list. Yes, yak!  Actually, make that 3 yaks.

It is always interesting when I decide I can make something I’ve never made before because even if I have the vision in my head and on paper I always worry about how it will come out in the end.   Usually in the middle of making the animal before the face goes on they can look kind of weird and so doubt can creep in whether or not it will turn out as great as I want it.  But usually once the final pieces go on I am pretty excited and relieved.  I really enjoy getting the chance to work with the customers to make just what it is they are looking for that can’t be found anywhere else.  I love the problem solving and the challenge of making something new.  Making the same things over and over again can get kind of old sometimes, but it can also be nice because they’re aren’t any surprises.

Anyway, back to the yaks.  We brainstormed on how to make such a fluffy animal without fluffy socks…it is 100 degrees here everyday so there aren’t a lot of fluffy socks for sale.  The customer came up with the great idea to just add the tuft of hair on top of the head with yarn.  Yaks also have tails similar to cows but with a lot more hair hanging off the end, so I did that as well. The pink and blue ones are for a set of twins and the more realistic one is for the custumer to keep.

Next custom order…FLAMINGO!  I’ll be sharing pictures of this one very soon.  I love how it turned out.  (I am just waiting to get the camera back since my husband has had it. I had to borrow a camera from a friend to take these.)