Easy and Sweet Bunny Purse DIY

Hello again,

(note:  I wrote this post on Weds night but didn’t get it finished til Thurs morning, hence me talking about Thurs as tomorrow.)

I wanted to share a couple things I made for the kiddos for Easter this year.  One project was super easy, which I’ll share first, the other not quite as much.  I am also excited to get a small break tomorrow to do some shopping to get the rest of the items for their little baskets.  My pregnancy hormones have definitely been in full swing this week, so a break will do me good.  Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and tired of being around the kids.  Part of that is because our son has been pushing every button we have lately.  Today I was weepy about something, can’t even remember what now.  I start week 15 tomorrow and even though my naseau has been very mild this go round I still have my moments.  We eat dinner at church every Weds. and after the meal tonight, Josiah decided to sit on my lap.  I was feeling very full and not too excited about him sitting on me, but because of our tensions as of late I thought it’d be good to love on him for a bit.  That was until I threw up.  I thought I could contain it but nope, it wasn’t a ton but it doesn’t take a lot of enchiladas on your shirt and pants to not be cool.  I don’t remember how Josiah ended up off of me.  I don’t know if I pushed him off when I knew it was coming or if he flew off but I am pretty sure the boy was safe from it.  The sweet thing was worried and ran and got me some napkins.  Of course (and thankfully) Ken and everyone else at the table was totally unaware of what had just transpired.  I tried to wash it all up but the rest of the night I could smell it on me.  Hopefully no one else noticed too much.  I tried to keep my distance from others.  Luckily, my husband works at the church and got me a shirt to wear from a previous youth event because after washing my shirt in the sink it was looking a lot like a wet t-shirt contest since it happened to be white.  Hopefully I won’t be repeating this any time soon.  Yea, for being pregnant!  If you enjoy reading about others’ miseries while being with child you can read about my blogging buddy, Ruthie’s fun times.

But enough of all that.  I got on here to show you some bunny cuteness!  A few days ago I saw the most adorable Easy Bunny Candy Pouch on Mer Mag.  I love, love, love it!  It is amazing how some of the simplest things can be just perfect.  I decided to make my own, but then thought about taking it a step further by adding a strap to make a little purse.  My daughter just turned 2 and is in love with using little purses and bags.  Merrilee made her pouch out of felt but I didn’t have any on hand that I could use.  I did have some yellow flannel though.  The problem is that if I were to just cut it and sew it like she did the felt it would fray.  So, I decided to cut it with my pinking shears.  This helps it not to fray.  It took me awhile to figure out what to do for the strap.  I wanted it to look a little different from the bunny so that it wouldn’t look like the bunny had huge ears coming off its head.  I started to try and weave some yarn like you do for a friendship bracelet but it was taking waaay to long to make it as long as I would need it so I stopped that and just braided 3 colors of yarn together (I used two strands for each color).  I was going to sew the strap between the layers of the ears but ended up liking how the tassels looked on the ears so I hand sewed the knot on and then when I sewed around the edge of the whole bunny I sewed over the braids for even more strength.  When Merrilee made her pouch she sewed all the way down the ears but I only sewed down a little bit on the inside of the ears so that the hole would be bigger.  It is all so easy and quick to make you can easily make a few!  Please visit her awesome blog to get her tutorial and template for the pouch.  I love how she ties the little ears together.  So sweet.  She is a talented artist.  Today she made a free printable to make Easter stickers.

Next, I’ll share a little toy I made for my kids.  I can’t wait to show you!

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