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They’re Here + New Font and Tail Options

The ornaments are now in the shop!  You can find them here.

Also, I decided to add a cursive font to the options this year since I had a couple of requests last year.  So now there are four font options.

Font Options 2015

And for the bunny this year there are four options for the tail.  You can choose white, pink, blue, or gray.  The pink and blue are a little different as well.  They are a bit speckled.  You can see all four options in the photo below.

Rabbit Tail Options

Shop Re-Opening Monday!

whale ornament 2015

Thank you for your patience as I’ve been setting up shop here in Scotland!

I’ve been working hard to get my ornaments close to ready so that when they are purchased I can get them shipped quickly.  It has taken me longer than I would like or had planned but I am finally ready to open.

I’ll be listing four types of ornaments on Monday, November 2.  I’ve made about 50 of each kind and when they are gone they are gone.  Normally, I would keep making more but it has been difficult to find supplies in my new homeland so I can’t just run out and purchase more supplies when they start to run low and I would like to enjoy my holidays this year instead of furiously sewing the whole time.  Hopefully, this amount will be enough to help most people get what they want.

Personalised Bear Ornament 2015 from The Nesting Spot

Pricing has been a subject I’ve continued to put off thinking about since now I am buying supplies in pounds instead of dollars.  That means if I am buying everything in pounds and then selling them for the same price I have in dollars that I am not making as much.  I hate to penalize my loyal customers who mostly are from North America though just because I moved.  And thankfully, although shipping will be a bit higher for Americans (although less for everyone else) it isn’t prohibitively higher.  I need to be fair to myself though.  I mean I’m not in this just to be doing favors for people, this is a business.  But I want to compromise.  So, I will be raising my cost a tiny bit to $22 from $20 try to offset supply costs.  I think of these little ornaments as heirloom gifts, items that can be cherished and passed down but I don’t want the prices to be unattainable for most people.  A lot of other ornaments can cost twice as much but I’m not prepared to charge that at this time.

Personalized Rabbit Ornament from The Nesting Spot

It has felt really good to be sewing lately.  I hadn’t done it in so long.  When I moved I reluctantly thought I would probably wait a year to sell ornaments because of the logistics of it.  But I have gotten so many wonderful emails from past customers asking me to make more so I figured out how to make it happen.  Thank you all for your support!

One aspect of these ornaments that many customers have commented on is that because they are soft they can let their little ones hold them or help put them on the tree.  I love that and since I have three young kids of my own I can appreciate it.  We’ve had to put all our non-breakable ornaments at the bottom of the tree for the last 8 years or so.  Every time one of the kids gets to the age where they know better than to yank the ornaments off or try to eat them I have had another child.  I look forward to the day when that is no longer an issue!

Personalised Elephant Ornament from The Nesting Spot

And don’t forget, if you are sending it straight to someone as a gift let me know.  I can leave off the money amounts on the invoice and include a gift note from you.  Just tell me what you want the note to say!

So, please come back on Monday to start purchasing your ornament(s).  Remember, they don’t have to be for baby’s first Christmas.  They can say anything…an inside joke, a name, a family name and year, it’s really up to your imagination.  I also have people ask if they can do one from a different year and that is also no problem – no judgements here about back dating first christmas ornaments!  That first year is a doozy.



Baby Names of 2013

Okay, it’s that time of year again.  The time when I look back at all the ornaments I made for babies born last year to see what the naming trends were.  Now, just like last year though there are a few older kids sprinkled in that I included.  But it will still generally show a peak into what the latest fads in baby names might be. baby names

baby ornament names 2013

Click on the link above to see the full list of names.  I tried a couple different ways to get my list on here and some failed and then this link popped up for my last try…so that’s what I will stick with for now.  Maybe by next year I’ll know a better method of quickly putting my list on here and keeping it readable.

The names that were seen the most were:













There are also several that came up twice.

Also, of course most of the names are from the United States but it is always fun to see names come from around the world as well.  This year I got my first order from Denmark!  Canada came out in full force and the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France also represented as well.

Take a look and see if any of your favorites are on the list.  Any trends you notice?  Any new names that you see?

Take a look at again at last year’s list to see if anything has changed.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are Back Again!

I know it seems strange to be thinking of Christmas ornaments in July but I have to work on them very early to be able to make enough ahead of time to not lose my sanity, fingers, and marriage in November and December.  Just kidding on the marriage part of course, although I know my husband appreciates me working ahead on these things.

Last year the ornaments did better than ever and I want to make sure they continue that track this year as well.

I am going to continue doing my classic bunny ornaments.  The elephants will reappear as well but with actual ears this time (you can see them in the pictures above.  They will also have eyes but I was just testing the ears out)!  Here are some others I’ve been working on.  These are just my first drafts that I made a few weeks ago.  As some of you may have noticed my blogging has left something to be desired this summer so I am just now getting to show them.  I was wanting to post them long ago to get your feedback.  I have started making some but still welcome your thoughts.  The octopus and moon would have a face on one side and then the personalization on the other.  Got any other must have ideas for ornaments?  I am excited about my elephant ears although not looking forward to cutting about 500 of them out!  I will probably have some of them available in multiple colors.  The green one is supposed to be just a classic ornament shape which would make it easier to be used for all kinds of personalization uses.  I still need to tweak the shape though.

I was hoping to start getting them listed by the end of July but it may be more the middle of August.  We’ll see if I can get myself moving a little faster.

This summer has been such a whirlwind.  We went on an epic journey to North Texas, Louisiana, Florida and then Mississippi to visit family and for Ken to go to a conference.  It was a great trip but a lot to put 3 little kids through.  We were so proud of them though and it was the best they have done on a long trip yet.  After that I can’t even remember the timeline anymore but we had family visit us, Ken was gone to youth camp, we hosted some guys from Scotland, had a week of Vacation Bible School, and much more.  So far most of July has been much calmer!  William decided to finally start crawling on July 4th.  He’d been SO CLOSE for two months before but chose Independence Day to finally gain his own independence.  And that boy is now everywhere.  He’s also used his face to catch his fall a few times so the poor baby has had some nice scabs on his nose, bruises on this forehead, and a fat and bloody lip from his bottom teeth biting his top lip.  Thanks for your patience with my absence.  I have also been super busy working on my shop and adding more to it.  Please feel free to have a look.  I plan to give a discount code very soon on my facebook page so if you want it, go ahead and like my page!  If you don’t want to wait for a code I also just added bulk discounts in my shop.  You get a small discount for buying 2 prints, a bit more for buying 3 prints, and even more for buying 4!  And if I haven’t mentioned before all of the prints are available in two sizes 5 x 7 and 8 x 10.

How has your summer been so far?!  I hope it has been full of adventures as well as rest.  Go anywhere exciting?