Priceless Kid Art Coasters

So, as I said before, I am always inspired by the project ideas from Prudent Baby.  Jaime and Jacinda are both so talented!  A while back, Jaime made her own coasters from tile and pretty wrapping paper.  Later she made some trivets using the same method but with bigger tiles and her daughter’s artwork.  I needed to get a gift for my grandma, (I think it was for her birthday) but since she is 93, she has most anything she needs or wants.  So, I tried to think of something I could make her.  And since you can never go wrong with giving a grandparent something from their great grandchild I decided to give her something that was made by my son, Josiah.  These two tutorials came to mind and I decided to bring them together by making coasters for her from some paintings done by Josiah.

I think they turned out looking really great.  I used blue tiles and the paintings are mostly yellow, blue, and green paint.  I ended up making 6 of them although since my grandma lives alone she doesn’t usually need that many in a day.  So, she has three and my parents have the other three.

I did seem to miss one teensy huge bit of information that proved to be an important part of the instructions. You should add 5-6 layers of modpodge with each coat needing to dry 20 mins.  Somehow I just thought I had to do one or two.  So I didn’t figure enough time for all of these steps and I was frantically doing it at the last moment.  I don’t remember how many layers I had time for, maybe 3?, but so far even with regular use they have worked just fine.  Oh, and that polyurethane spray really stinks so make sure you do it in a well ventilated area or you’ll make your entire family feel a bit high.  I wouldn’t know that from experience though.  It is best to give yourself plenty of time for all the drying so you don’t end up giving it still tacky, just sayin’.

It was fun to give because there is nothing exactly like them anywhere else in the world.  The gift was relatively inexpensive to make but I would say that they are definitely priceless in their worth since they are showcasing my son’s awesome artistic abilities.

Oh, and on a side note, as I just put my son to bed, he picked out his robot pajamas to wear and then proceeded to sing “no parkin’, no parkin’ on the dance floor” since it has a robot voice.  HA!

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