The Nesting Spot…for Mockingbirds

A little mockingbird, which also happens to be the state bird, made it’s nest in the japanese yew by our front door.  We don’t use our front door most of the time so it went unnoticed for awhile.  And then when I did see the nest it looked empty from my angle.  My husband, being taller, could see that there were actually three little eggs nestled inside.

It was fun having the ability to watch the nest because usually the nests we find are all up high.  I took pictures of the eggs and the babies about a week apart.  About a week after I took the one of the babies I peeked again and they looked pretty much the same.  So I thought I’d come back in a few days to look again but when I did they were already gone!  Amazing how little babies can grow up so fast.  Although the days of having 3 little ones of my own can seem very long at times I am glad they won’t be leaving our nest so quickly.

The first picture is of the momma.  Some birds are very protective and aggressive but every time we came near she would fly up to a nearby tree.  It surprised me that she’d leave her babies like that but maybe she thought they were hidden better without her sitting there.  She’s definitely keeping an eye on us in that picture making sure we don’t do any funny business.

I also thought it was fun that her nest had three little blue eggs like my logo.


mockingbird eggs mockingbird babies mockingbird babies

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