Highs and Lows

Well, today has been a really terrible day.  And what makes it even worse is that it started out so great.

I was blessed to live with 3 amazing girls (Beth, Shannon, and Brianne) for the first years of college.  We then added an extra 2 (Becky and Merewyn) our senior year as we got to live in a house together.  We are like family and keep up with each other mostly through the internet but also talk on the phone or see each other from time to time.  Half of us still live in TX and the others live all over the US.  Beth, my main roommate, had to fly to TX unexpectedly to go to her uncle’s funeral and the airport near my house was the cheapest way to get to it.   I got a call from her asking if she could spend the night at my house since she was getting in at midnight.  I  haven’t seen her in 5 years since our 5 year college reunion.  It was so fun to spend the morning with her and her youngest child.  She hadn’t met either of my kids and I had only met the oldest of her 4.  I felt terrible for her loss but was thankful that it meant we got an unexpected time to see each other.  I love how you can be with someone like that and it feels like no time has passed since you last saw them.

A couple hours after she left I got a call I wish I never would have gotten.  Becky called to tell that me Shannon passed away.  We don’t know all the details yet but they believe it may have been diabetes related.   She was such a fun and happy person and a great friend.  She loved to laugh and make people laugh.  She loved playing jokes on people so much that even as I was hearing the news and knew it was real I was waiting to hear that it was just a joke.  I am kind of in a fog and still processing it all and so don’t really have the words to say to really do her justice.  She will be greatly missed by so many.  Thankfully, she loved the Lord and so I know she is in a better place now and I will see her again one day.  I love you Shannon.

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