Lessons Learned

We went bowling last night.  The only other time we have gone with kids was when Audrey was an infant and spent most of the time in her carseat/stroller.  Josiah LOVED it and the game was great for practicing taking turns (a much needed thing at his age).  We needed to get out of the house since we’ve taken turns being sick this past week (not such a great thing to take turns with) and so we decided to give it another go since Josiah is always asking when we’ll go back.

Here are a few things I learned from our adventure:

  1. When the little one is brought into a bowling alley she will sit still mesmorized by all that is going on for a good solid 4 frames.
  2. After this, she will insist upon playing herself or wander over and try to steal other peoples’ balls.  When she isn’t allowed to do what she wants she will finally throw her body down and lay her cute self on the floor and throw a full out tantrum right in my way when it is my turn to bowl my last frame.
  3. When a ball is thrown by a 3 year old and it only goes about 3 feet it will roll back to you. (note: we were using a ramp that allows kids to roll the ball down the lane but Josiah insisted on trying to do it all by himself)
  4. When a ball is thrown by a 3 year old with help from mom (but with resistance from the child) and it makes it 75% of the way there and stops it will still roll all the way back to you.  Is this how all bowling alleys are made or is this one just on a hill?
  5. One game is all our little family could handle.
  6. Ice cream afterwards makes everyone happy.

Also, www.kidsbowlfree.com has select bowling alleys that will allow your kids to bowl 2 free games a day for the summer (ours goes until October).

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