MADE Header Contest

I’d like to say hi to all of you who might be popping over for a visit from MADE!  Thanks for coming by.  I am just getting things up and running on this blog and have a bunch of things to share including some fun tutorials so please come back again!

For those of you reading who don’t know, Dana from MADE held a constest to make a header for her site and will be announcing the winner on the 15th.  I have no expectations of getting close to winning since there were hundreds of amazing entries, but I was thrilled today to have one of my entries included in her round up.  Go check out all the other cool ones she picked out.  By the way, this is also one of my very favorite blogs for learning how to sew and make all kinds of things.  And an extra bonus is that she lives in Austin so she is pretty local for me.

I had a lot of fun making the first header. I finally washed the word ‘made’ off my sidewalk yesterday while watering our withering yard since I don’t know if it’ll ever rain here again.  I knew Dana liked to make headers from different items like beads, legos, etc. and so I tried to think about what I could do like that myself.  Since it is still summer I thought of chalk.  Luckily, it came out the first time I drew it so I didn’t have to write it all over my driveway.

I also made two other ones.  Dana had taken pictures of her daughter playing in the sprinklers a while back and I just loved the photos.  I knew that I would have to try and use them.  I would have cropped them differently if I could but it was the only way to make it work with the header being so wide. (Note: the boxes around my headers are added by my blog.)

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