You Betsy: Some Children’s Art I’ve Been Eyeing

As I’ve looked all over the web for inspiration for my kids’ rooms I have taken a look at the art on etsy.

Here are a few artists and prints that I think are pretty cute and fit in with the general bright, happy gender neutral type thing I’m going for.  Each artist is definitely worth looking at more since I’ll just be showing one or two from each one.  These are some talented people!  So glad we can all benefit from it!

First up is Petit Collage.  I love the look of these prints on the wood.  I think it would be fun to have one animal above each kid’s bed.  If I go this route I’ll probably let Josiah help me choose which one he likes best.  Here are a couple cute ones.  As I look back over them I am reminded how much I like them and how hard it will be to choose just two.

Next is Sea Urchin Studio.  These animals are just so adorable.  They have  a bit more of a vintagey vibe going on.  Again, the hardest part would be making a choice.  Can I just have a whole wall of them?!

I love everything that is in Twoems.  The illustrations are so bold and bright.  There are cool animals and also pretty abstracts.  Definitely something kids and adults alike can appreciate.

Finny and Zook is full of lots of typography prints.  Maybe you would like to hang lines from your kids’ favorite song or nursery rhyme perhaps?  They also have individual letter prints.  I also noticed that you can order any size of the prints as well, which is really nice.  “You Are My Sunshine” is a special song for us here since I have sung it to both of my kids over and over at countless bedtimes.  It is so sweet now that Audrey sings it with me.

Finally, Trafalgar’s Square is just so sweet and innocent.  These animals would be such a darling addition to any nursery.  You can just imagine these little cuties having lives and adventures of their own…maybe in your little one’s dreams.  The selection is HUGE with over 550 pieces!

Do you have any favorite children’s art/artists on Etsy?  Please share!  I am always on the lookout for more great pieces.


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