A new year – A look to the past

We’re back!  We’ve been on an epic journey visiting 3 states, 6 grandparents, 6 great grandparents, and countless cousins and aunts and uncles.  It was a lot of fun but it is always nice to come back home too.  We left the day after Christmas so our house is still looking very Christmasy.  I plan to take care of most of that tonight.  I love all the decorations and the whole atmosphere of the holiday season but I am always very happy to get it all down when it is over too.  I want my house back. (Actually, in the midst of my writing this we have gotten most items put away.)  I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year!  Since we were traveling, new years eve kind of snuck up on me and we actually went to bed early that night.  Haven’t done that….ever maybe.  Felt good though.

At my parents’ house is a cradle that belongs to my grandma (dad’s mom).  We’re not really sure how long it has been around or who originally bought it.  My grandma has a great doll collection with a lot of really old, unique dolls.  One of them she passed down to Audrey.  It is currently sitting high on a shelf in Audrey’s room so it can’t be broken.  I love having that family connection.  My grandpa passed down an old lionel train engine from his collection.  It is also in display in Josiah’s room.  But back to the cradle, I’ve been told that once Audrey gets to an age that she can play with the cradle with the ability to take care of it that she’ll get to inherit it.  I’m pretty excited for her.  I look at it and think about all the little girls that have played with it in the past when the world was such a different place.   It has Bessie painted on it on the sides in pretty gold paint.  I don’t know if that is the name of the girl who originially owned it or the name of a doll it came with or maybe even a brand.  Anyone have any clue?

Another piece of family history I just received is a transcript of my other grandma’s (mom’s mom) diary from when she was 11.  She was one of 11 children in her family.  She was the second born but the oldest girl, so she ended up taking care of her siblings a lot.  The diary is from 1929.  It was one of those diaries that has a few lines for each day of the year.  When my grandma transcribed it she wrote “At all times I was conscious that every word I wrote would be read by my mother and whole family.”  So, that is probably why it is more about their day to day activities without anything too juicy in it.  Here are a few days from her diary.

February 6. Mama has been working very hard on my clothes. She put the fur on my collar and cuffs of coat. Looks very cute. I‟ve been milking since Kenneth went away last Sunday.

March 1. Mamma suggests that we write news items for the Record and Tribune. We might get some money, a few cents per published inch. I went to the store. I also went to school today. Nothing unusual happened.

May 21. We had our picnic today and program. We had a good crowd. Mama and Lola got to go. Joan stayed with Patricia Ritchey, Agnes‟ baby. Miss S. gave all of the children a “Milky Way” candy bar and an orange. Some of the children got prizes for perfect attendance.

September 1. Today‟s Sunday but we just have to get those peaches canned because they are already rather bruised. We did and worked all forenoon. Daddy killed 4 squirrels. Had 2 for dinner. Gertie and Charles Higdon brought Grandma home. Tomorrow is school day.

November 28. Thanksgiving. We fixed roast chicken, dressing, plums, gravy, corn, baked beans, beets, and cucumber pickles and pumpkin pies and lots of things. Daddy and Kenneth didn’t come though to eat with us.

December 25, Christmas. I got wall school supply holder, wee doll, candy, handkerchief, poems and picture, powder puff in my sock. Fred, Iva, Jean, Phyllis Northway, Paul, Noretta, Clarence, Lois Baysinger, Grandma Baysinger and Kathryn came. Had wonderful dinner. Got jacket, book, hanky and powder puff from Kathryn, Aunt Iva, nuts, candy.


And while I’m on the subject of family from long ago, I found this link through A Cup of Jo.  It is so strange and a bit creepy.  Moms used to hide under blankets while taking pictures of their baby/kids so that the child would be the center of the picture.  I guess they normally crop the mom out by putting a frame around it but it is really strange to see.  And it is a bit sad that they don’t want the mom in there.  But maybe it was so that the mom didn’t have to sit perfectly still and could talk to their baby to keep them happy for the shot.  Still strange though.  You gotta go see.

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