Don’t Call Him a Bear

Say hello to Mr. Koala.  He’s the newest member of my glove animal family.

As you can see here he loves lounging around and staring at the clouds as they pass by.

I needed to make his ears appear a bit fluffy so I sewed on 2 layers of sock scraps from my bunny ornaments.  I also used it for the tummy.  Yea for using scraps!

I don’t have a picture of the final look because the hubby has the camera again but the little guy is holding a branch of eucalyptus as requested by the customer which I made out of felt.

Since finishing this little guy I have moved onto making a slew of little bunny ornaments.  They are quickly multiplying just like the real animals.  I will make their bodies and tails and have them ready for the custom orders during the holiday season.  It feels good to get a jump on these.  I will also be making some other ornaments that aren’t for babies in a different shape.

I saw one of my guys was included in this treasury and I laughed out loud.  What a fun theme.

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