Babies, Dolls, and Thrifting

So, of course I made it all the way to the dr. last week without my photo cd that they upload the sonograms on.  Ken always came with me with other two pregnancies and he took care of that so it has been hard for me to remember with me going alone most of the time.  Luckily, they have all the photos saved in their computer so next time I can bring it and they can load them all.  The visit went great.  In fact it was the fastest visit I think I’ve ever had.  It would have been pretty easy to take the kids along since I was only there a total of 20 minutes but one of my sweet friends read my last post and offered to watch the kids.  I promise, I hadn’t mentioned anything in the last post as a hint for that.  It was appreciated though since it was one less thing to worry about.  They did a big ultrasound where they look at everything.  I saw the brain, kidneys, 4 heart chambers beating away, and of course hands, feet, and face.  Technology really is so amazing.  The sonographer said that everything looked great and that the baby was 1 pound 7 ounces.  That sounded big to me compared to my weekly emails about what the baby is doing but he assured me that it was average for 23 weeks.  Both of my other kids were big babies so I keep waiting for this one to start getting huge.  I know my lack of restraint with desserts probably isn’t helping.

So, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my little one.  But I do have photos of a doll I made one of my childhood friends I visited who was due yesterday.  I made her one of the black apple dolls that I have made before as gifts.  This was the first brunette I’ve made.  They are easy to make and I used scraps that I already had so it didn’t cost me anything.  I picked out fabric that would somewhat match the baby’s nursery.  I did give her some cute baby clothes too.

Also, this week we took Audrey to get her first haircut.  Her hair has driven me a bit crazy her whole life.  She pretty much had none her first year except a tiny bit at the back.  And then as it grew it became a mullet.  She still doesn’t really have hair on the sides but the longer hair on top covers it up.  I hesitated to get her hair cut sooner because it would just mean she had a shorter mullet.  It wouldn’t make it look any better.  It has gotten really long and even though it was nice to be able to pull it up it was getting harder to deal with.  So, since the top of her hair finally has grown out enough that she doesn’t look mullety anymore I figured it was time to finally time to trim things up and get her hair in some better order.  The place we’ve taken Josiah to get his hair cut has an airplane chair for the kids to sit in.  They also put on a little movie and give them a balloon most of the time at the end.  Audrey has watched her brother get his done many times but was excited to finally sit in the chair herself.  Her hair is a bit shorter than I had asked but it has finally evened out all the natural layers that were there and makes it look a bit thicker.  Now we just need those bangs to grow out so they’ll be out of her face.  It was a bit spur of the moment so these pictures are take from a phone.

Today I went into a new to me thrift store with the kids and was excited with what I found.  The woman running it was so nice and let the kids play with a toy chest that has a bunch of cheap toys that have been donated.  She said that they would get to take home one for free at the end.  The kids happily and quietly played with them the entire time I looked around.  This was definitely something that was created by a mom.  It was wonderful to not have to tell them to keep their hands off of things the entire time.  The kids clothes were also 50% off so I got 2 shirts for each kid and a really cute vintage sweater for a baby girl.  I figured for a $1.25 it was too cute to leave there.  If we have a girl, she’ll get to wear it, and if not someone else who has a baby girl will benefit from it.  I need to take a picture of it to show you.  Tiny baby clothes are so cute!  The woman also asked if I would want to look at some maternity clothes since she doesn’t have room for them in the front and keeps them in the back.  I ended up getting 2 dresses and some shorts for 2 bucks each.  It is so nice to visit a thrift store that actually has thrift store prices.  I have gotten so tired of the Goodwill here because they seem to think too highly of their junk.  I can get new clothes cheaper at our outlet mall or on sale at Target than at the Goodwill most times.  I have been to other Goodwill stores that aren’t like this though.  Another nice thing about the shop I went to today was that it is for our hospital/hospice care who gives free grief counseling to people who have lost a loved one.  The money I spent helps support that.  So, I will definitely be back.

Ok, gotta get back to work.  I posted two new zebras in the shop.  One is pink and one is blue.  I have been asked to make a neutral one for someone who isn’t finding out the gender so I need to get to making it.  I just wanted to stop in and give an update on things from the week.

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