Tooth Fairy Pouch

04 09 13_8004In December my son had his first loose tooth! We were shocked. It seemed so early. But I guess it is within normalcy…he is 5. It’s just that he isn’t in school yet so it feels young.

I had pinned this little tooth fairy pouch a long time ago for the day when we would need it. Well, even with it taking 2 months for that tooth to come out…(the boy wouldn’t let us near it)…I still didn’t manage to make it in time. And then on our recent spring break trip his second tooth got loose. This one only took a couple weeks before it came out. And, yep, still no cute little tooth with wings to hold it in. Now in all fairness we didn’t even end up needing it the first time since he woke up and his tooth was GONE! I was so bummed. We had spent so much emotional energy on getting that first one to come out and then nothing to show for it. Who knows if he swallowed it or if the tiny thing will show up one day behind his bed. Thankfully, the tooth fairy does take notes that explain why there is no tooth. She will even send one back with a dollar coin and encourage the boy to wiggle it a little next time.

04 09 13_801504 09 13_8012

Well, this past week I spent a few hours in a surgery waiting room and it was the perfect project to stick in my purse and keep my mind busy. It was so easy and fast.  I also loved the tip on how to make the smile.  I highly recommend making it.  Now it is ready for when the next one comes out.

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