What’s Most Important

So, there are currently a lot of fires blazing near us.  One huge one in Bastrop has destroyed almost 500 homes so far and is still going strong.  With our crazy dry conditions, lack of humidity, and the high wind we’ve had the last two days, we are under extreme fire danger everywhere.  While watching the news about it last night and thinking about what all those families must be going through, I started to imagine what it would be like if a policeman came and told us to evacuate.

I wondered what I would grab.  Obviously, if I had to leave immediately I would grab the kids and the cats.  If that is all I got I would be happy since stuff doesn’t really matter. (Ken wasn’t home when I was thinking this. I would obviously get him too if he were home.)   Then I started to think what I would take if I had 15 minutes.  I had never really considered this before and decided to make a list just in case something like this ever happened one day.  I know, what are the chances, but hey it made me feel a little better, a little more in control.

Some of the things at the top of our list were our laptop, our little safe that has important documents and digital photos, financial documents, our kids baby books, old photos of our own, and our cameras since they also contain photos. Basically, all the things that link us to our past and can’t be replaced.  Oh, and probably each of my kids’ favorite toys to help comfort them.

When I was little most of my belongings were lost in a fire and so my mom and I only have baby pictures that other family members possessed and returned to us.  It has always made me sad that I haven’t gotten to see pictures of my mom growing up except for a few photos here and there.  I would hate for my kids to miss out on their first pictures or getting to see my past as well.

If I had half an hour, I would probably grab some bags and fill them with clothes, some food for us and the cats, and a couple more toys to keep the kids busy.

Sorry for the heavy post, I was just wondering if any of you have ever thought about what you would grab in an emergency like this?  What would be the things you couldn’t leave without.

I am hoping to have a lighter post up tomorrow so check back!

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