Crap Trap

Disclaimer: I edited this photo. You can see the original by clicking on it. I am sure it is a delightful place to eat. And it isn't the same one Nannie refers to.

Ok, I can’t stop laughing.  Ken’s Grandma (Nannie) told me over a facebook message that she had gone out to eat with some friends at the Crap Trap.  I wrote her back and asked if that was a real name for a restaurant. I thought it was kind of odd, especially for a food place, but people come up with all kinds of funny names.  She just wrote back and said that she just couldn’t spell and it was a nice place called the Crab Trap.  What a difference a letter can make.  She said Grandpa Steve was getting a good laugh. I couldn’t stop giggling when I read that and Josiah kept asking what was so funny.  So, if any of you wants to open a new restaurant called the Crap Trap, I guess it is available.

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