Baby Gift Idea: Stuffed Animal

I’m surrounded by people having babies right now and that is a great thing!

handmade stuffed rabbit from The Nesting Spot

My cousin recently had a beautiful little girl and so I wanted to send her a handmade gift. I had been told that the nursery has lavender and light green in it so I decided to make a little rabbit using those colors. I cheated a little and used my pattern from The Black Apple Doll and just changed it up a bit. (You can see my previous posts about the dolls I’ve made here and here.)  All that was needed was to make an ear pattern. I have also found that when using this doll pattern that I like to add a seam allowance to the arms and legs so that they aren’t too skinny. I embroidered the eyes and nose on so that there wouldn’t be any choking hazards. Safety eyes would have also been a really cute option though. I also added a cute little wool felt peter pan collar.  An added bonus is that it is machine washable if done on delicate and laid out to dry so it is very practical as well as cute.handmade stuffed rabbit from The Nesting Spot

I had a lot of fun making it and am happy that there is a little piece of Texas over in her Arizona nursery now.

handmade stuffed rabbit from The Nesting Spot

This type of project is great because it uses very little fabric and comes together fairly quickly. I used fleece for the bunny fur and all of the materials were ones I already had on hand.  So, not only is it fast but economical.  But of course even though I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth much.  On the contrary, it is a one of a kind gift that will hopefully see many years of love.

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