One Down, One to Go and Other Randomness

Here’s a bunch of random stories from what’s been going on here lately.

After much deliberation and going back and forth on trying to decide on what will work best for arranging the 3 kids in their 2 rooms we finally decided on putting the two big kids in Audrey’s room in two twin beds.  I originally was going to put them both in some type of bunk bed in Josiah’s room after doing some measuring it just wasn’t going to work…or at least there is no great place to put a bed in that room.  The bunk bed would either cover up the windows and if we put it on the same wall as his toddler bed it makes it hard to get to the closet.

This was Josiah’s room when it was getting close to being finished before he was born.

This is his room the day of his 4th birthday.  We had hung up streamers and thrown in balloons while he was asleep.  It looks like some playing has been happening too, so ignore the mess.

You can see from the two pictures the room isn’t big.  The one wall is all window and the opposite wall has the door to the hallway and the closet door.  There is just enough space between the doors to put a dresser (which is there now) or a book shelf.  He does have a high vaulted ceiling which would make my fear of the kids hitting the fan (which taking out or not using in our TX heat is NOT an option…plus with that window, Josiah’s room is the hottest in the house) not a problem.  In Audrey’s room, it is a tiny bit bigger and there is a good wall for a bed/beds but the ceiling is a standard 8 feet so the fan is very low.  Josiah also gets a lot of nose bleeds and many of them start while he is asleep.  I don’t want to have to mess with helping him with that/changing sheets from a top bunk while trying to not wake his sister.  And then of course there is the rare night time accident or throw up.  So, we measured Audrey’s room and figured out that we could fit two twin beds in her room with the current dresser in between them.  This way they have a little space between them, will be easier to make the beds, and guests will have beds they can sleep in for the first time since Audrey was born.  So, all that to say is I have been stalking Craigslist and local thrift/consignment/antique stores for beds.  I want them to match or be close and probably ultimately white so that the small room will look as open and bright as possible.  I need them to be gender neutral and not too babyish so that they can be used for a long time.  Saturday morning I found a listing for a garage sale in Austin that had a black vintage iron headboard and footboard plus rails.  There was no phone number but we decided to chance it and even though we didn’t get there until noon the bed was still there!  We’ll have to paint it but I am so excited to finally find one of the beds.  This style or ones similar aren’t too hard to find so I am sure we can find another like it.  In two weeks a nearby town will be having their big once a month Market Day when hundreds of vendors come and sell there stuff.  I am hopeful we’ll find something then if not before.  I’ll try to keep you posted on how the room comes together and I’ll share some things I’ve been eyeing on etsy and pinterest to buy or make.

(craigslist photo)

Now onto more random stories…

I have strange dreams all the time but two days ago I had one about the baby.  In it I had the baby, a girl, but didn’t remember anything about having her.  I had no memory of any part of the labor or anything.  I was mad because part of what I am looking forward to with keeping the gender a secret is the doctor announcing “It’s a boy/girl!” after going to all the trouble of labor.   I was also shocked in my dream to learn that her name was Oklahoma Kay.  I couldn’t believe we would name her that and told Ken we had to go get the papers changed.  Dreams are so strange.  And if anyone is having problems picking a baby  name, this one is up for grabs because we won’t be using it.  So have at it!


Our little girl is in a phase right now where she takes her diaper off pretty much every time she is in her crib.  We try to catch it so she doesn’t pee in the bed but sometimes she is tricky.  The girl either needs to stay dressed or get potty trained because I am so tired of changing and washing everything in her bed that gets wet all the time.  We have tried lots of different ways to make it hard for her to get it off but nothing has stopped her yet.  We need some kind of metal chastity belt with a lock or something.  Or some kind of big kid onesie with the opening at the back would work but I don’t know if anything like that exists.  We didn’t go through this with her brother.  He maybe did that once or twice.


We took the kids spontaneously to Sea World last week.  The weather was  a little cooler that day (high of 94) and we’ve been talking about doing it for a while now.  They have a deal where you pay for one day’s ticket and can continue to go back for the rest of the calendar year so hopefully going a few more times will take the sting out of the big price tag.  Everything went really well and we only saw maybe half the park.  To end the day for us we stopped by their splash park to cool off.  Audrey was running around and having a wonderful time until she ran right into a giant pole that sprays water.  Of course a giant colored bump appeared on her forehead right away.  She actually recovered pretty well but it was a bit tougher with her missing her nap and being really tired.  We look forward to going back and it’ll be a nice thing for Ken to take the kids to after the baby arrives so they can have an adventure and I can get some rest.

Any fun random stories you want to share?  Have you been enjoying the summer?  I have been so thankful that we are just now getting to 100 degree weather.  Last year at this time I think we had already had 20 days or so of it.  I am also hopping the storm in the gulf, Debby, will come this way and push some rain up to us.

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