The Bird is the Word

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Things are just starting to get back to normal here.  We enjoyed some family time together since Ken was gone for the last two weeks on a trip with the youth from our church.  It is so good to have him back.  I was pretty much in survival mode with taking care of the kids, working on getting my orders made, and having to grieve for my one of my best friends all happening at the same time.  Thankfully though I was able to spend some of that time at my parents’ house.

One of the orders I had was to make a pink flamingo.  I was on the search for some plain pink socks, which are surprisingly hard to find.  After showing the customer the options, we decided to make it a polka-dotted bird with plain pink legs to break things up a bit.

I wasn’t sure how the neck would work since it is so long but it is pretty stiff and holds up well.  I tried the legs with stuffing in them first but liked the floppier look better.

After the flamingo I made two totally fun unicorns for one of my blogging heroes.  She was pregnant the same time as me when I first found her and I always look forward to her posts to get a good laugh.  I watch in awe as she raises two darling little twin girls and works full time at home as a graphic designer.

I also just found some fun neon green and neon pink socks to make some happy octopi.  Also some gray socks with neon hearts on them.  They are all so 80’s looking and should turn out pretty cool.

Before I go,  my three year old taught me something new this evening.  He said, “Mommy, no in Spanish is ‘no way Jose’.”  I asked him who told him that and he said his cousin…he doesn’t have any cousins.

4 thoughts on “The Bird is the Word”

  1. Love your blog. Finally added it to my blog reader while thinking “I really need more blogs to read. All my regular blogs post about as often as me and I have nothing to read!”. And I added your blogging hero too! Yay for new blogs. Ok, on to the point: Pink Socks. They may not be big enough, but the girls section always has pink socks. They’re usually in a package with other colors, at least when I’ve bought them. I’ve never looked for a whole pack of pink socks though. It might exist.

  2. Yea, thanks Brandy! You do need to write more! I always love it when you post. You were part of what got me to start this. I have looked at the girls’ section in the past, but never at the packaged socks. Most of the time I use knee high socks because it give me more fabric to work with. Or men’s socks typically are long too. The only other issue with kids’ socks are that the feet are smaller making the animal smaller too. Which is sometimes what the people want. I’ll be on the lookout though. Thanks. Academy sells lots of one colored socks for their baseball and soccer socks but they have an emblem on the toe which is the other hard part of looking for socks…getting ones without a logo.

  3. The flamingo is amazing! I think I know who it’s for, and believe she is going to love it! Joc, you are so good at these little creatures 🙂

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