Quilted Baby Boy Blanket and Week 39 Update

Before I forget….we’re almost out of time but I made a poll over to the right in the sidebar if you want to guess the gender of the baby.  The poll will stay open until we know the answer.  Now, on to the regularly programmed material.

Here is the quilted blanket I made in case baby turns out to be a boy.  In a previous post I mentioned that I lovingly think of it as my mullet blanket.  It is all serious in the middle and a bit of fun on the outside.  See for yourself!

The fabric is part of the Riley Blake Designs “Seaside” by October Afternoon.  I got 2 yards of each of the stripes and plaid.  There are other color variations out there too with the same design.  I was trying to decide what bias tape to buy…I still haven’t gotten to the point of making my own yet.  I was looking at all the ones that matched and they all seemed to just blend in so much and it seemed boring.  Then I saw this neon orange and it was so fun.  I was unsure if it would work but I thought I’d take a risk.  I definitely could have chosen a safer option but I’m happy that the blanket has a a bit of fun to it since babies shouldn’t be serious.  For the quilting I just decided to follow lines on the plaid side.  It made it easy to have lines to follow.  I figured any type of quilting pattern that was more fun wouldn’t go with the straightness of the stripes and plaid.  Below are my two blankets waiting to find out which one will be used!  The girl blanket is here if you want to see it.

Speaking of the baby that all this work is for I went to the Dr. on Monday again and there was no real change to my body.  BOO!  But thankfully baby is really low and I’m basically just waiting on my body to get with the program.  The Dr. was actually able to get a couple good shots of baby which surprised me since baby’s been so low and we haven’t seen the face in a while.  I will enjoy when we stop seeing sonograms of the face and get to see the real thing.  Hopefully the big lips are just because there isn’t a lot of space inside of me.

Here is a picture we took of me before church on Sunday to show my 39 week self.  (my due date is this Thursday!!!)

Here is a shot of what I normally look like.  CAN’T. WAIT. TO. HAVE. CLOTHES. THAT. FIT!  Sheesh.

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