Snapfish Deal

Well, it is the eve of Christmas eve and we are busy little wrappers around here.  We’re trying to get everything ready for the big day and our epic journey to see all of our family in south east USA.

I happened to hop onto Snapfish and noticed a great coupon code happening at the moment.  The code is YOURBOOKS.  If you buy one photo book you get 2 free!  I don’t think they come much better than that.  You have until Dec. 26th to use it.  The books don’t have to have the same photos but must have the same base price.  I believe you can also use the coupon up to 5 times.  Meaning, you could buy 5 books and get 10 free.  I had already picked out photos for my kids’ books, since we plan to make a book for each kid for each year of their lives, so if I have the time I plan on knocking some of those out.  The hardest part for me is always narrowing down which photos to use.  The rest is pretty easy.

They’re probably doing the coupon now because people are to busy to actually use it, but if you happen to be one of those people who does everything ahead and are just sitting back drinking hot cocoa and watching movies by the fire, then maybe this coupon is for you!  And maybe you can come over here and help us wrap a few more things!

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