Christmas Is Coming: Part 3

Well, most of today’s gift ideas are on the small side so maybe they’d make good stocking stuffers.

Ever wanted to silk screen?  Now there is a kit to help you do it!  Prudent Baby did a review and it looks pretty cool!  You could silk screen anything really…a scarf, a bag, a skirt…I guess it is limited to your imagination.

Over on The Mother Huddle you can put together a yummy hot cocoa kit.  She even got her kids in on making the gift.

Have a girlie girl to get a gift for?  On Flax & Twine, Anne is doing 24 days of glam for her daughter’s advent calendar.  And we get to benefit from it because she is showing us how she made it all.  The pieces range from necklaces to headbands and everything in between and all seem very simple yet very sweet and pretty.  These could definitely be given to a girl or woman of any age.  And they are definitely budget concious. yippee!

Kirtsy has a slideshow of 12 stocking stuffer ideas from different bloggers.  Definitely worth a look!

Ok, so this one isn’t for you to make, although I guess you could do your own version.  But I thought it was fun and different.  COATT sells these beautiful necklaces that are actually messages in morse code.  You can get ones that have one of their messages like the one pictured, which says “amore”.  Or you can have them make one with a name or your own personal message.

Here’s one more piece of jewelry that is on a humbler scale but super fun.  Once again, Design Mom made these with her daughter Betty as a sibling gift and they came out so cute.  She used that shrinky plastic material to make little charms for necklaces and bracelets.  This would be a lot of fun to do with the kids….or even without.  And she made about 20 of them for a dollar.  Not bad.

And to put all the money you have saved by making these cool gifts, make yourself this unique coin purse.  It looks like a ribbon but then you zip it up on itself and suddenly it is a fun shaped purse.  Who comes up with this stuff?!  You can find it over at Craft Passion.

Hope something in here inspires you to do a little handmade this Christmas.  If so, which one?

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