Thrift Shop Fun

The four of us ventured into town today to run a couple errands.  First on the list was to stop by one of our local thrift stores that has the cheapest clothes that I have found in town.  I always go there when I am in the market for a costume.  Our college group has been watching Lord of the Rings over the summer together and this Friday we are going to have a trivia game/costume party.  Since I don’t like to spend money on items that will most likely never be worn again, this little thrift store is perfect.  Most items are between $1 and $3.  Josiah will be going with us and we got items for all three of us to wear for $17.

Let me show you what we got.

1 and 2 – This is the dress I got for myself. It’ll definitely need some tweeking.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it but it gives me a starting place.  That jacket will not be worn but it gives me extra fabric to play with.

3 – This is the romper thing I got for Josiah.  It is 24 months size but that isn’t a problem for my 3 year old because I am going to cut it in half and add elastic to the wide waist to make little breeches (those short little pants that go to about the knee that they used to wear a long time ago).  We also got him a white dress shirt that he’ll wear with it since all the ones he has are too small.  I might add a vest that he already owns to it as well.  He’ll probably be like a little hobbit or something.

4 – We got these birkenstock clogs for Ken and the pants are for him as well.  They were in the scrub section but I am not sure if that is what they really are.  The waist will have to be taken in and I’ll probably shorten them to make pants similar to Josiah’s.  He already has a rennaissance looking shirt from high school choir.  I am not sure what else we’ll do.  The belt in the picture is for my dress.

5 – This one is a tab top curtain that will become a cape for Ken.

6 – This was a dress I found that I liked for wearing in real life.  I haven’t tried it on yet and it may need to be taken in but I thought it was fun.

7 – This was one lucky find!  How often do you run across He-Man items?  This is going to my good friend Beth because her kids love He-Man.  So Beth, if you are reading this, I hope you’re excited.  I used to pretend I was He-Man when I was a little girl.  Did anybody else do that?

8 – This is a vintage sheet that I got to add to my sewing stash and for a quarter who can beat the price!?  It might make a cute dress for Audrey or a blanket or something.

So, there you have it.  Pretty much everything we got will need to be altered in some way.  Most of them are too big or need to be shortened etc.  But it is all totally doable with items we already have at home.  I will just have to channel all the skills I have learned from Marissa on New Dress A Day.

Once we get all dressed up, if the outfits come together, I’ll post a picture….if you’re lucky.

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