Baby Names of 2012…Well Mostly

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This is a post I wanted to have out right after the new year but kept getting delayed.  But better late than never!  I thought it was fun seeing all the names I was given to make ornaments with.  It seems to be an interesting indicator of what names were popular for babies of 2012.  Now, this is totally not scientific for many reasons one of which is because some of these names were actually for babies born previous years.  Most of them are new baby ones though.  Also, some of the names I’m sure are shortened versions of their formal name like Will instead of William, but I just typed what they wrote, which is also why some of them have a middle name included.  And you’ll notice that some names are the same except one letter off…that isn’t a mistake, there were lots of close variations.  There were also some names from foreign countries which is why some might seem more unusual – although some of the most unusual are from the US.

Seeing this list made me very glad we have a cat named Jack which prevented me from naming William that.  As much as I love that name, I wouldn’t want him to be in a class with 5 others!  Of course, William is also a popular name but apparently with people who buy personalized ornaments Jack was the top!

So, without further ado, here’s the list.  I didn’t want to make this post a mile long with names so click on the pictures to see the names larger.   Do you see any that surprise you with their popularity?  Do you see any new favorites?

Speaking of baby names, here is a FABULOUS site for anyone looking to name their baby or who just likes talking baby names.  It is  It is a great way to get unbiased help when having trouble finding the perfect name.  And now even though we already have our baby name I still go back and read it all the time.  I love seeing what others are thinking about for names.  And it is great to see that we weren’t the only ones struggling.

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